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Is a “Dunkirkish” experience in store? Purushottam Karandak 2017

I get the same feeling at “Purushottam Karandak” as the pilots felt midair in galloping their war machines in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” (art-work-film). It is a competition of unabated enthusiasm of devilish proportions. Judges pluck out the winners from the two rounds and make the way for an artistic career.

I started attending from the third day of the competition. I love the hooting, I love the mania, I love the devilry. The hooting is kept in check by the guardians who are members of Maharashtra Kalopasak: Kushal Khot, Jayanta, Shankar Unecha; at least some of them. Let’s dive deep, deep into the competition.

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