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Theatre Factory to launch "Page to Stage" workshop

"Theatre Factory is launching their workshop series with "Page to Stage", an 8 day workshop that takes place over 2 months, starting with a script on day one and a finishing with a small performance."

"Our aim is to give a peep into the all round world of theatre and encourage more theatre lovers to create the theatre community that Pune needs. The fun part; we have batches for both kids and adults alike", says Neeti Pherwani, a theatre practioner in the city.

About the facilitator:

Neeti Pherwani is a theatre practitioner based out of Pune. Having had her own theatre community in 2014, where they performed original experimental short plays like " Sometimes Stillness", "Fish in a pond", ' Socrates last Wish" and ten minute plays at smaller venues across the city, she has an all round experience of the theatre world and wants to share the same passion for creating that she has with as many people she can across the city.

The fees for the workshop is 2500/- + 15% service tax = 2,875/- ,inclusive of any performance costs.

The workshop will take place at two venues across the city, one in Bhosle Nagar and one in Malaka Spice , and through the process of putting up a performance we introduce various aspects of theatre.

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