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"Some Mistakes Lead to revolution...and revolution is what mankind needs today Mr.Edison."

"A man from Foreign soil is trying to control your choices!"

"Imagine a brighter and better tomorrow...And alternating current will create that tomorrow, just for you."

What is miracle for others, is science for me! (the photo below)

"Nobody can be as smart as me...I mean...everyone is smart in their own way."

"Mr.Tesla is a gem! Friendship is not based on ethics but is based on feelings the people involved in it have for each other."

"Multitasking isn't your cup of tea Robin! You have only one hand left..."

"Thomas Alva Edison."

Photo Credit: Saumitra Kulkarni

Cast:Nikola Tesla: Rishi Manohar Thomas Edison: Devendra Charankar George Westinghouse: Ajinkya Joshi J.P.Morgan: Shreyas Paranjpe Mina Edison: Hemangi Patil Catherine Johnson: Kashmira Khot Robert Johnson: Shubham Belhekar Robin: Varad Kulkarni

Script: Vishwajeet Ranade Jayawardhan Khot

Direction:Rishi Manohar

Lights/Set Design:Sanket Parkhe

Sound: Vishwajeet Ranade Tushar Deshpande

Production: Wide Wings Media

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