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Would the victim and accused get a fair chance at neutral dialogue asks GUILTY ?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

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St Martin's College at Delhi University is lighted with bonhomie and the young at heart enjoying life, concerts, drugs, freedom ,and Foucault. Nanki ( Kiara Advani ) and Vijay Pratap Singh ( Gurfateh Pirzada ) are a couple and also part of a band Doobydo; whereof Nanki writes lyrics to songs while Vijay sings. Vijay or VJ is popular at St. Martin's and has quite a following.

A girl from Dhanbad, Tanu Kumar is wildly hitting on Vijay. Nanki warns her once to keep away! But, Tanu seduces VJ and they end up spending a night together in the hostel room.

A couple of days later, Tanu blasts Vijay Pratap Singh on a tweet, quoting #metoo; accusing him of having sexually assaulting and raping her on the night of the concert. Tanu is persuaded by VJ's powerful parents and the college authorities to keep shut fearing a media trial. There is a severe backlash on Vijay and a media trial too. He is pasted and called as the "privileged".

Like a play, the film moves in many layers. The students ,on the other hand ,are shaming Tanu for playing a card; as everyone saw her seducing Vijay! And she is lying to the face to get into St. Martins!

The plot moves in such symmetrical and asymmetrical directions. You least expect that it would go in that direction. Nanki is more than pissed with Tanu for character assassinating her boyfriend, and even slaps her.

Investigators and committees get involved and the plot emerges that she herself retraces her opinions and stance and sides with Tanu!

Kiara Advani has given a stellar performance and is quite convincing in her role!

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Nanki's guardian angel in the series calls her a disturbed kid. She starts her o investigation and initially she is convinced of her boyfriend's innocence. Until she finds her boyfriend was indeed GUILTY.

As the movie closes, we discover Kiara's tale of her abuse when she was a kid; by her guardian angel. Tanu Kumar's character is a vital role in the narrative, but at times it felt something was missing!

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With twists and turns, I loved the costume, the shooting ,and cinematography of the Netflix film GUILTY! GUILTY is a strong piece!

Director- Ruchi Narain

Cast- Kiara Advani, Gurfateh Singh Pirzada, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, Taher Shabbir 


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