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World-renowned playwright Satish Alekar paints reality befor new world order in Thakishi Samvad!

Image Source: NCPA

Thakishi Samvad

About the show: The center of the play Thakishi Samvad is 2014. The change of power in 2014 is not the only reference but it also covers the past three decades of events that have radically changed the human mind, body, and culture. e.g., religious polarization in India around 1992 and Corona's destructive epidemic in 2020-21. The Shaheen Bagh movement in Delhi and the farmers' movement, all these things can be subsumed under the concept of '2014'. Along with this period, nano technology and internet-based technology excess and artificial intelligence etc. so, all these are in the background of the space of the play Thakishi Samvad.  There are only two characters in the play, an old man in his 80’s and a doll like woman in her 40’s, a virtual image like Alexa. The time of Corona is social distancing. The old man is alone. He is talking to Takki. They are playing games to relieve loneliness. The game may also be online. Both have a virtual role as in many apps on social media. The 'subject' they take for communication in the game is like an extension of imagination. But it is not possible to say whether that imagination is real and composed fiction or not. The old man's past and the role the old man is playing, there is a confusion between how much is fiction and how much is real but the references to history and the present are not imaginary to make the dialogue flourish. But there is a rational objectivity in it. The old man in this play creates another fantasy himself. He does research. A fictional reference to an ancient, hyper-ancient culture adds to this research. This fantasy is underpinned by contemporary political and religious reality.  Written and presented by Satish Alekar .

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What: Play reading in Marathi

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