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Thespo to showcase online live performances with THESPO TAPRI initiative!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Thespo, as student driven moveemnt to stream plays this October!
Image Source :Thespo

Mumbai youth theatre and THESPO go hand in hand. THESPO has been a student-driven initiative doing performances at Prithvi theatre, year on year. THESPO has also been the benchmark for upcoming talent to be recognized.

THESPO in October is showcasing online live performances by artists under 25 years called THESPO TAPRI. One edition of the curated events was performed on 3rd October, 6 pm. The second leg is on 10th October at 6 pm with six live performances or live story-telling.

The organizers at THESPO TAPRI have selected 12 performances from hundreds of entries from cities like Delhi, Ujjain, Lucknow, Goa, Jorhat in Assam, Pune, Kolkata, Latur, Mumbai ,and Pune.

Here's a sneak peak of THESPO in normal times!!

The Journey to Thespo Tapri

In August, Thespo called on young theatre-makers from across the country, and the globe, to unleash their inner storytellers and embrace the digital world. What we received was a wonderful array of 5-7 minute pieces - some newly written, some adapted - all performed by a solo performer. Abhishek Saha and Shruti Sridharan watched them all as part of the selection process and shortlisted the most arresting ones.  “I went into the screening process slightly worried about the monotony of sitting and watching storytelling. But to my absolute pleasure, the innovative use of the medium while adding some bits of genius with technology made for an absolutely amazing experience. It was interesting to see a very varied line of performances. From technological extremes to the most basic, heart-wrenching tales, each told with complete enthusiasm and passion”, says Abhishek Saha, who has curated the upcoming shows alongside Shruti Sridharan. 



Woof Woof (Hindi) by Rishi Manohar, Pune

The Story of A Play (Hindi) by Prashasti Jawkhedkar, Ujjain

Ek Sarkari Naukar ki Maut (Hindi) by Rutvik Vyas, Latur 

Rabt - The Connection (Hindi) by Aarohi Vakil, Pune

He and I (English) by Ankita Saikia, Jorhat

System Failure (Mime) by Sandesh Pawar, Pune Tickets: Rs. 150/-  Buy tickets NOW at For more info Anoushka Zaveri: (+91 98337 64526) Rachit Khetan: (+91 75074 94149) preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! E-mail your listing to​!

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