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Rohini Hattangadi who played 'Kasturba' in iconic film 'Gandhi' reads extracts on the Mahatma!


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, eminent Marathi film and stage artists came together to discuss the life of Mahatma Gandhi in virtual live streaming. Actress Rohini Hattangadi ( played Kasturba in Sir Richard Attenborough's Gandhi ),Directror-Actor Chandrakant Kulkarni ( directed the iconic play, Gandhi Virudh Gandhi ) actor Mangesh Bhide ( actor Harishchandra Factory ) and Deepak Rajadhyaksha ( Awishkar Theatre) read essays on the life of the Mahatma.

The live streaming was organized by Awishkar Theatre, Optimus Virtual Theatre, TicketKhidakee and Rasa Aur Drama Times on second October.

In an hour and a half long readings they read incidents from the life of the Mahatma; his time at Tolstoy farm, Aga Khan Palace in Pune. Gandhiji's concepts like truth, soul-force, satyagraha, fearlessness, Harijan seva, Khilafat, Bandhu-bhav, and nonviolence were discussed. The mention of Kumar Gandharva's creating Rag Malhar on Gandhiji was also discussed.

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Actor Mangesh Bhide read Mahatma Gandhi's musings about his travel across India on the advice of his mentor Gopal Krishna Gandhi. Gandhi traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Bengal to Gujarat. He felt he could understand the problems of the common man by travelling in the third class on the train. He also expressed the desire to visit Mahatma Mushiram's gurukul at Haridwar. Gandhi also felt if he was to write about the experiences of the common man, he could fill a whole book. At Kashi Gandhi discovered peace, humility, politeness of the common people.

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Deepak Rajadhyaksha read an essay higlighting the methodogy of Tilak and Gandhi towards the struggle. He mentioned Tilak's vews from his book "Geeta Rahasya."

Reading for event Discernign Gandhi on Gandi Jayanti
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Actress Rohini Hattangadi read from an essay by Mahatma Gandhi's disciple Vinoba Bhave. What Bhave learned under Gandhiji is to protest violence with non-violence, protest lies with truth. Bhave notes that Buddha and Mahavira also taught us this. But Gandhiji made these teachings into a revolution. The whole world has seen a revolution with arms, but this was a new experiment for the world to witness; revolution without arms. He invented this unique way of battling brute force with non-violence.

Once there was a demon. It captured a human and made the human work non-stop. Whenever the human stopped working, the demon would threaten to eat him. Next time, the human was so tired that he blurted out, he won't work. The demon thought, if I were to eat the human, there would be nobody to work. The human wanted to be paid for working! The demon had no choice but to pay the person. Vinobha Bhave outlines Gandhiji taught the power of saying "no" and changing the person. Gandhiji taught them that there is a fearless soul that can withstand hardships like a mountain. This fearlessness builds soul-force or ahimsa.

Discussion on truth!
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Director Chandrakant Kulkarni read about the understanding of truth that the common man has.

The inititaive of the live theatre is brainchild of Optimus Live Theatre and promoted by media partner RAD TIMES. The event can be streamed again on

Created by: Bhupendra Deshmukh & Archana Deshmukh at Optimus Virtual Theatre

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