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RAD TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries, a supernatural drama, has been famous and in talks since its premiere.

A show made for teenagers that is filled with pretty faces and characters romantic entanglement with each other.

The first episode itself tells you the theme and what kind of show you are into. The show has an amateur writing, its not great but at the same time it does not get boring. The first episode sets up the characters and the environment for the upcoming season.

Elena, a girl in high school who recently faced a tragedy comes back to school after some time to continue her education. A new boy, Stefan, who has joined the school on the same day is in talks because of his looks and well-built body.

Stefan’s hiding something that somewhat correlates with the title of the series, the first episode explores the secret that Stefan is hiding and his blossoming new relationship with Elena.

Image Souce: Warner

The series is what every teenager will watch, it is plain but promises twists and turns that will

keep you engage throughout the series and the episode too. The cast in the show do fairly good job and do somewhat justice with the given material, there is obviously a scope of improvement for the actors. The cinematography on the other hand looks beautiful, the shots are well lit, and the lighting is appealing and captivating. The flow of the camera is also smooth and keeps you engage.

At the same time as every other Hollywood-high school teen series this series too is filled with background music, and there is abundance of the background music. The screenplay is not allowed to breathe because of the music. I feel like I am being spoon-fed by the director the emotions of the characters. The dialogues are so on the face that I can feel that it is a dialogue from a script. I relate to Elena much later, characters surrounding her looks superficial and are not at all well written.

The only moment that I felt a little more invested in the show was when Damon enters, he changes the whole landscape of the show and the chemistry of the characters that was set up in the whole show. Damon is the most interesting character in the whole episode and at the same time Ian Somerhalder did a terrific acting in his limited screen time and took all the limelight.

All in all it’s not a bad show, but at the same time maybe you won’t find it great or something out of the world. It’s a great series for binge watching depending on what kind of genre you prefer. If you are into rom coms and light thrillers then Vampire Diaries is perfect for you but if you watch shows to take away something from them and you want them to be exceptionally outstanding then you can obviously skip this one. preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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