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Sobi a painter who has exiled himself in a hut over his suffering enjoys evoking the spirits; the film is a mix of both and interesting shots /cinematography to look up to. The cast ( Achinta Raj Kashyap, Swapan Das, Sandhya Hazarika, Dorina Bhuyan, Nihar Sarkar ) is convincing in their roles however meaningful and short.

The scene depicting a person evoking a spirit is so common. Yet, the director executes interesting, with benumbing scenes which keep you glued to the action.

There is a connection with the local Assam commonality, the texture is mundane and original; bright when Sobi is brushing his teeth in the film. The pain, the agony of releasing one's emotions on the painters' canvas, is immense and full of agony portrayed in Sobi!. It is played convincingly by the protagonist. In the middle when a friend comes visiting, some dialogues could be crafted better. On acting and cinematography and editing, the team scores well on these counts.

So, Sobi is agonized in this hut, alone, where he is trying to evoke the spirits. In his free time, he paints and vice-versa. He makes his own food and the shots of him making tea is charming for its simplicity. Then he is seen vigorously painting. Two girls, who seem on a modeling shoot come gate-crasing by. While one of the girls enjoys the painting, the other is uncomfortable. We do not know what happens to these two girls and the plot again moves back to the protagonist's obsession: with his art, his life, his emotions, his agony, his lost love. The telephone conversations which play in his mind are engaging.

The actor ( Achinta Raj Kashyap) has played the ever played artist-in-agony role but it is toucing. Creativity draws from the mundane, the overdone, and the filmaker has achieved that. The end is again full of agony. Great shots, a medium paced story, you should watch Sobi to explore themes which are done to death, yet can be portrayed in a new light , with a proper , vision, and teamwork!

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