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RAD REVIEW: Short film EVENING is a trip into mindfulness and conversations!

Image Source: Wide Wings Media

Directed by Anupam Barve , An evening is a trip into mindfulness and conversations. A bell rings and a lady ( Sayalee Phatak ) opens the door. A man (Pushkaraj Chirputkar) in warm Marathi meets you, and we keep guessing what is the relationship of this man to the lady

( later we find out, they are former lovers.)

In the first fifteen minutes, the shots are placid. In the next half when you see shots of the two characters' legs, below the torso; is a beautiful shot. They are discussing some sketches. To all shooting logic, it could be weird, but it has come out well. Then both of them are sitting in a room ( before they move to the balcony ) that is warm, light, and a pure Pune-city evening. The mood created is so true with experience. You start to wonder if a movie like this can ever be rated or awarded! It is in the zone of mundaneness, commonality, and being. And that is where the connect begins.

The man refuses to suggest or talks to her about what he is doing; she nudges him with love, and the conversations start to roll. She asks him about his work and films and more, and his girlfriend. he keeps replying to her in the mood of quiet confidence and clarity with yet-to-do-big-artistic focus. But the lady's attitude is not condescending or trying to encourage, it's purely to understand. And then she tells him about how she is feeling since dad passed away, she has not got over it yet!

Conversations in the start about: I have changed some things in this room and then another sets the mood of the story, don't look for the film in the frames! Look into the conversations, an invitation to an evening, Pune-like. The film has used spaces in conversations well. You don't feel them, yet it adds an element of authenticity to the craft. It reminds me of the documentary The Spaces between the notes, which I watched at NYIFF 2021 for the title.

The pace of the film is not slow, or fast, slightly faster than real life. The camera moves slowly, comfortably, not pointing to turbulent conversations yet to come.

These actions of playing with the toy in the kitchen, refusing to have tea, and then saying that he wants adrak adds to the mood in the evening by the protagonist! Such a film refuses to be analyzed or over-analyzed. It is an expression and experience of the work is justification enough.

Drown yourself in AN EVENING , this evening with director Anupam Barve and Wide Wings Media Film screening.

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