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RAD REVIEW: Fame Game Review! (SEASON 1 )

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

A dreamy, dreamy start to Episode one of Fame Game: Anamika Anand strolls on the red carpet: the glitter is evident from scene one and a sense of achievement. Anamika Anand is a force to reckon with in Episode one: with her simplicity, dominating, family woman, who supports the whole family, abused by her husband, and fights back: for herself, for her children, for her love, for her fans! Showrunner and Screenwriter Sri Rao of Fame Ga me hits hard at the reality show of fame in the series. Is fame for real? Or does it have motives that we may never know of? The show has strong chance of doing well internationally.

It's more than an occurrence that such a script should come to the legendary actor, Madhuri Dixit. Investigating fame, the players around it, the characters around it, and also revealing her own strengths and weaknesses, Anamika Anand plays the Fame Game well.

Season one starts with their slight problems, but Anamika supports her family. When the couple do not have money to make a film, Anamika goes with her husband to request a friend to star in it, who agrees to forego his fees.

When her son wants to go out, study music or show his tantrums, Anamika Anand is there to support her son. He slits his wrist and, to infinite chagrin; she calms him down. Her daughter feels, being recognized as the daughter of a star, and Anamika convinces her slowly to be yourself. In fact, the daughter feels the pang again and again of losing her identity. Anamika is there to support her kid emotionally.

The first couple of episodes move in flashback as Anamika Anand is missing, and the police are searching frantically. The family is distressed, or that's what they are shown. The police are investigating anyone related and the family. The family of Anamika Anand is hiding a lot, which comes into the focus. With small clues leads the investigation comes close. An array of facts. The complex personality of Anamika Anand. preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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