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RAD REVIEW: घर के अंदर ( हिंदी नाटक )

घर के अंदर ( हिंदी नाटक )
Image Source: MCC

The concept of home is close and intimate to human beings all around the world. How external events shape what happens in the bedroom, in a barbers shop or on a roadside peddler, across faith. The lockdown knew know no religion and it affected us and continues to affect us, even more than we are looking to acknowledge. In some homes, it brought more peace and compassion, and in some, it unleashed demons of the human mind we were shocked to experience.

Theatre production घर के अंदर, commissioned by MCC ( Maharashtra Cultural Centre ) and directed by Rupali Godambe, is the story of Kishan, Salama, Durba, Yadav, and Shyamla. From different parts of the country, each having their own eccentricity, and mannerisms and lives life loud and clear. As the play starts, it begins outside the stage with two characters discussing their hair cut and useless talk follows. The stage in the play घर के अंदर had no shape. And it was comfortable without rubbing experimental theatre on your face. Then the action moves right in front of you: Kishan ( Naresh Gund ) and Salama ( Gauri Deshpande ) )are romancing in innovative ways, with sex toys. Kishan hilariously boozes and does merry.

The dialogues are slick, sharp, and some local, street Hindi which hits you. Mellow use of Indian Cinema and Bollywood songs. Happy to see cinema and theatre so close in a production. In no country, than ours do we put theatre and cinema apart as ours. Hollywood and Broadway have an organic relationship, in the UK, Cinema, and Broadway again. This relationship has also been encouraged in the Australian entertainment Industry. Equal respect for both art forms is a sign of a mature art form.

For me the use of space and the ease with which connected with the audience gave me a fantastic evening of theatre in घर के अंदर. The story took over. The use of space and intimacy with the audience would have contributed to it. Also, the use of dialects: Hindi, Marathi, and English made listening to the locals more intimate. And also the common-day to-day vocabulary.

As the Prime Minister announced the lockdown, slowly in all families, helter-skelter broke. Water, more pressure at home, queue for ration and quarrels broke. After the break, the saga of घर के अंदर. was more of quarrels and screaming. Kishan, Salama and Yadav were all screaming and the temper went up.

Shamala played a sharp irritated Marathi-speaking character, and some of the best moments in घर के अंदर. was her repartee. The sharp tongue did stand out.

Helter-skelter, chaos, banter, moments of peace and compassion, MCC production घर के अंदर is all about And even more, what is home?

Author Pico Iyer adds in his TED talk, home is what you carry in your head and gives you peace, as he finds his home in Japan despite being Indian in this TED talk.

Character name : Shyamala

The complexity of relationships in love, around families, around business emerges clearly. Shriniwas, Pratik , Naresh, Gauri , Rutuja, Gauri , Sufiyan And Megha entertain and excite you in MCC production घर के अंदर !

Playwright: Rupali Godambe

Cast : Shriniwas Dhage, Pratik Deshpande, Naresh Gund, Gauri Deshpande, Rutuja Wagh, Gauri Kadu, Sufiyan Alam, Megha Patil.

Technical Team:

Production head: Shubhangi Damle Set Design : Raj Sandbhor Light Design: Swachchhand Sound Design: Chaitanya Adkar Costumes: Sammruddhi Kadu Production Manager : Pooja Garje

Director: Rupali Godambe Playwrights: Rupali Godambe & Steven George preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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