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RAD FEATURE: Tale of a theatre actor Nizamuddin Shah!

Image Source: Nizamuddin Shah

They say if you dream of something more than once, it is sure to come true. Nizamuddin Shah has been a vivid dreamer all his life.

Many kids never discover what truly their calling is until much later in life. But Nizamuddin was not one of them. He first saw a drama at school when he was just a child trying to make sense of what numbers were in grade II. The moment he saw the magic acting possesses, he was immediately drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Passion is the fuel that drives a dream. Nizamuddin was well aware of the stemmed fact. Living in the Wadala slums with his family, the need - passion - and the drive to grow in life and nurture his family with the kind of treatment that they deserve, he ran towards his dream like it was the only thing he ever needed to breathe. Usually, people with disadvantages in life blame it on their destiny, their fate, but Nizamuddin was different. He knew his capabilities, his ability to achieve his goals, his faith in himself is what assured his family and friends that he is going places. With that, he helped his family move out to a beautiful apartment in Navi Mumbai for a much better life. His stars were aligning themselves for him in a way of saluting his never-ending efforts and hard work.

He kick started his actual dream by finishing up his education and stepping into the world of production houses. His introduction in the world of films was extensive and expansive. He started working as a backstage artist shortly after. His earlier life has been full of struggles. Unlike most of the artists in the industry today, Nizamuddin actually embraced his struggles and made life happen. He had major space constraints which made rehearsal sessions extremely difficult to pan out. To avail a space for rehearsing would require different levels of permissions to work through. Not only was he dealing with these issues, but also he had other far bigger problems at his hand. Having lived in Wadala for a very long period of his life, he understood the struggles as he witnessed them closely. His first hand experience made it easy for him to relate to the mindset and struggles of the kids there. His determination has always been unmatched. He never left a single child he knew had the potential behind, in fact he helped them come out of their alcohol addiction. It was important that he convinced the parents of the kids who wanted to do street plays with him, that was somehow the most difficult task yet enlightening and satisfying in the end.

His film on Netflix ‘Yeh Ballet’ speaks volumes about his journey as it is highly inspired by the true events in his life. The seriousness and intensity of the issues like rape, alcohol addiction, child labour, domestic violence, electricity and water supply problems, health problems and many more have hit very close to home for Nizamuddin which inspired him to make a film on these burning issues. When asked about the importance of art in his life, Nizamuddin said,

“Art gives me happiness. It brings me back to life and fills me with joy. It gives me the feeling of being a free bird. With this burning passion in my soul, I look forward to being the change that society needs.”

After years of learning and installing skills, he finally scooted a step closer to his dreams with the launch of his brain child, his baby, Young Creative Production - a production house. Dated today, it has been more than 10 years since he launched his own production house and since then, there has been no looking back for him! preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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