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PAATAL LOK: A web series that undoubtedly tells the need of OTT platforms!

प्रेम प्रेम सब कोई कहें, प्रेम ना चिन्हे कोई 

अघट प्रेमपिंजर बसै, प्रेम कहावे सोय

Welcome back readers

An Anushka Sharma produced web series "Paatal Lok" shows a splendid investigation,  caste, corruption, greed, dirty politics and the present scenario of dirty politics and the reality of our system which we live in. Also, it is a straight slap on the face of those who say good content is missing these days.

Paatal lok is an investigative series with one season and nine episodes and each episode has a thriller ending which pushes you to watch another and another episode.

At the beginning of the episodes, you won't be able to see the coming suspense but trust me you won't regret watching it. Creator Sudip Sharma is known for the films like "Udta Punjab" has brilliantly filmed this entire web show that has blown up everyone's mind and compelled everyone to not to stop talking about it. From characters like Vishal Tyagi, Sanjeev Mehra, Hathiram Chaudhary to Imran Ansari everyone boomed the show with their flawless acting skills. I felt that the show was able to deliver a strong message to all its viewers about the politics game and the current scenario of our system. Apart from this, the show also achieved its narrative of depicting few village scenes so effectively that still exists today. To quote it: The dispute over land between two brothers. The second best thing I felt about this series is the love towards the animals (dogs) shown in it. Also, the scenes were so simply and beautifully shot without exaggerating it. Each character is unique in its way and well shown to such an extent that if we want, we can write a two hours long film on each of them. The show takes its plot and characters from Tarun Tejpal’s novel The Story of My Assassins.

In the beginning, it felt like Ansari (a character played by Ishwak Singh) will play a game-changing role in the investigation but at last of the series, it was Hathi Ram Chaudhary (a character by Jaideep Ahlawat) who nailed it. Moreover, the show begins with a chat between Hathi ram and Ansari in a PCR van on an unnamed road talking about the three loks (Swarg lok, Dharti Lok, and Paatal Lok) the story goes so swift and smooth as the clock ticks. Hathi Ram is a takeoff from a large number of regular adversaries that the on-screen character is normally offered, mostly because of his transcending construct. Here, the entertainer finds the opportunity to take advantage of a specific defenselessness of a standard washout, who makes a special effort to enlist one win. That he viably conveys the whole show on his shoulders without overlooking anything. Despite the odds, Haathi Ram, like a present day Sisyphus, keeps to push his rock uphill and probe until the portions of the puzzle fall into place.

A big name journalist is the objective of a gathering of executioners. For what reason would they like to murder him? Who is behind everything? The case is given over to a critical, seen-it-all, from the undesirable part of town cop, and as he begins burrowing, surprising associations between the most impossible individuals in the most far-fetched places fire springing up. Paatal Lok is designed as a wrongdoing thrill ride cum-police procedural set primarily in Delhi, turning off into a few strings, some extremely strong, a couple relatively feeble, however figuring out how to keep its hang on us. Weaving in mindfulness and acknowledgement of contemporary India makes it political, and hoists it: Paatal Lok is keenly composed, quick-paced, and engaging, and I altogether delighted in it. Paatal Lok is a good series, which implies hellfire or the underworld, the specific inverse of swarg-lok otherwise known as paradise. Furthermore, in this story we are driven inflexibly into the dimness, which gets darker at each progression: there are a few sections here, splashed in blood and bone and cartilage, making even the most solidified aficionados of butchery recoil. I admit to shutting my eyes in a few scenes, however, the viciousness isn't unnecessary because it has a history: we know there will be blood. For example, Vishal Tyagi kills the three students at the playground by smashing their head by a hammer.

In the further episodes, we are in the grown-up area, where we are approached to meet the narrators most of the way, as the arrangement gets occupied in spreading out its products, drawing matches between the comfortable universe of media and cops convicts.

A lot of characters shake for our consideration, and as the goal-oriented writer who is glad to swing however the breeze blows, Neeraj Kabi is proficient. His tension-ridden spouse (Mukherjee) begins insecure, however, is offered more to do as it comes. There's a hopeful correspondent in the blend, searching for an ethical focus in the murk, as well. In any case, the man of the arrangement is, without a doubt, Jaideep Ahlawat. His Hathi Ram Chaudhary is a man of numerous parts: exasperated and delicate with his better half. An uncertain father with an insubordinate young child, and frantic to get that one case that will promote him. The rugged confronted Ahlawat pros it, each line of his face indicating an actual existence lived, making even the more inconceivable pieces of this thing conceivable.

Imran Ansari, a Muslim sub-inspector allows the arrangement to give us separation and aversion of the other. We additionally get religion, position, governmental issues, brutality, debasement and strategic manoeuvre at all levels, regardless of whether it is in tony South Delhi or dust-ridden rustic regions: the absolute most impressive pieces of Pataal Lok are set in country Punjab and Chitrakoot. Be that as it may, it's not a simply acceptable diversion. It's additionally one of the most splendid and refined servings of Leftist publicity. I am the last individual to search for governmental issues in art and direction since it removes all the fun from something that ought to be delighted in simply as a type of diversion, however nowadays, it's gotten unendurable to overlook the workmanship bound with motivation. Truth be told, not disregarding this stuff must be the obligation of every one of those genuinely put resources into their nation's and culture's future.

An underestimated cop is allowed to investigate the greatest case of his profession. The dialouges of the series also played an important factor in making this series a hit. Such as, The high profile journalist Sanjeev Mehra is vocal against the decision system in Delhi. At the point when he comes to realize that he was the objective of the four hoodlums, he regrets that "Individuals like us used to be saints. Something about this nation changed. Presently we get trolled, murdered, terminated!" Dialouges, This is the thing that hoists Paatal Lok from a dexterous spine chiller to something greater and progressively basic. Each turn of the bent plot fills in as a scorching editorial on the condition of our country. Be that as it may, this isn't finished with a heavy hammer. It's finished with economy and ability in the little minutes. Watch the little insults that Ansari must suffer at the station since he's Muslim. He's savvy, valiant and set out toward a splendid future however inside the dominant part Hindu power, he is a peon, who is helped every step of the way to remember his status. Paatal Lok reveals the fanaticism that has saturated the texture of this nation. In an appalling scene, the dad of one of the charged asks piercingly: jisse maine musalman tak nahin banne diya, aap logon ne usse jihadi bana diya. Also, when a man loves dog, he is agood man. When a dog loves man, he is a good man.

The brutality gets shocking and in places, unwarranted. This is an overwhelmingly male world wherein heads and fingers get slashed off, minds are sprinkled on avenues and even kids are exposed to unspeakable severity. The ladies are for the most part inadvertent blow-back in the game for influence and cash being played by men. Gul Panag breaks the depressingness with her feisty nearness as Haathi Ram's significant other. Insignia Mukherjee is likewise dazzling as Sanjeev's lenient mate. These on-screen characters leave an imprint in the little screen time they have.

Regardless of anything else, Pataal Lok slices through its own messiness to place these two men, Hathiram Chaudhary and Hathoda Tyagi, both are well known for their spectacular performances and they did not dissappoint us in Paatal lok also. The whole series depended upon the love for a dog.

The series is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Series Directed by: Avinash Arun , Prosit Roy

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