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Movie Review: Thappad, a paused emotion of marriage is highlighted in a scream!

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Anubhav Sinha's Thappad starts to warm feelings of a family living happy, and going to live happily-ever after! The warmth of a joint family with the in-laws and parents under the same roof, and a happy wife!

The wife Amrita ( Tapsee Pannu )is so happy and also she dances at family events; only later to discover her feelings are manufactured to her husband's dreams.

She would close the alarm clock at six in the morning, cuddled to her husband; make the morning black coffee, get the wallet, lunch for her husband and wish him all the success with all her heart. The husband equally loved his wife to the moon and reciprocated these feelings to the full.

He was celebrating his success to move to London with a party at his home. All friends, family and work people were there. He received a phone call, in-between all this bonhomie; only to learn that he was to work under a foreigner, the position he head worked for all his life. He begins to quarrel mid-party and raises his voice; and his wife comes to calm him down; and mid way he slaps her!


A turning point in the film, the wife discovers at that moment when she was shamed in front of all the audience, that she had actually buried all her life for her husband's happiness!

She can 'see' all the 'inequalities' that she was subject to, accepted and 'made to accept' since her marriage. The rest of the movie Tapsee Panuu gives a stunning performance of a woman broken of her dreams, and the cinematic time pauses all around her! you cannot not get the severity of the issue she is trying to highlight through her character "Amrita" and personality. It hits you hard, and it keeps hitting you harder each time!

The writers of the film Anubhav Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo have used terse, emotional, cutting dialogues flawlessly delivered by Tapsee Pannu; to keep you thinking, thinking and thinking long after the movie is over that are we doing this in our families?

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Maybe yes! And it is so relatable! The movie hits domestic violence bluntly to the face. Thappad is an important film.


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