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Money Heist: A roller coaster ride of suspense, thriller, drama and robbery!

Image Source: Netflix


By: Adarsh Kumar Tiwari

Entertainment Writer, RAD Times Media (

Bienvenidos lectores (Welcome readers)

Creator Alex Pina rules the thousands of hearts by this astonishing work of a television series trending on Netflix India for the past few weeks.

In the earlier parts of this series, you might have observed that a professor with no criminal records forms a team and heist the money to a group of gangsters, thieves, hackers, shooters, all with the criminal records.

The most fascinating thing in this series apart from the storyline has been the reclusive-thriller costume of the characters i.e. the red dress and the face mask.


In the closing of Season 3, the professor was fighting a losing battle, Nairobi (a robber in the series) was about to die and Lisbon (another robber) was already dead.

Episode 1 of part 4 starts with an explosion of a police van by the robbers; followed by the treatment of injured Nairobi during the encounter with the police. From the very moment, the sequence of questions in your mind starts and intrigues you to see what happens the next. The first episode is sort of nostalgic for all the robbers of the series when everyone is doing their own work, they find themselves stuck in a situation which brings them some old memories. The first episode is somehow much emotional than the rest of the episodes.

In the meantime, the professor, while in mourning, attempts to make a daring and dangerous escape and gets successful too. The two scenes run parallely inside and outside of the royal mint and bank of Spain. The professor remains outside and the robbers kept doing the treatment of Nairobi guided by a virtual surgeon. Suddenly Nairobi goes out of the mind and urges Tokyo (another robber) to help her in surrendering her to the police but her request was denied by the other robbers and their boss. Also, the police were afraid to send more cops there in order to save their lives. Luckily both the Professor and Nairobi survived in episode 1. In the episode, Tokyo remains the drama queen.

Álex Pina’s show Antena 3, was a flop, Netflix picked it up, re-edited it and got global views on it. About this series, the most important and exceptional thing is its script which makes it different from other shows. Second is its flawless casting. The first episode is so riveting and keeps the suspense on! The common thing in last episode and this first episode is: The professor is on verge of losing everything.

Watch the other episodes & enjoy this stunning show.

Thanks for reading!


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