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FIRST CUT 2021 Film Festival to encourage diversity in Filmmaking at FLAME UNIVERSITY!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

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What comes to your mind when you hear of a film festival:

1. film making equipment

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You say: yep

2. Drone cameras

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You say: maybe, yes!

2. Mask-wearing People

You say: maybe, yes!

2. Genius stories and films

You say: maybe, yes!

What's so cool about the FIRST CUT 2021 FILM FESTIVAL at FLAME UNIVERSITY is, the festival wants you to use all the small and big equipment you have, to make stories. Be it mobile phones, DSLR or story-boarding, animations. FIRST CUT 2021 in collaboration with the FIRST CAT brings a curation of films from around the world, to bring out the curiosity in your stories!

Like the SUNDANCE film festival, which has had top award garnering films shot on an iPhone, the FIRST CUT 2021 Film festival loves to explore your creativity with you. FIRST CUT 2021 is curated by the stellar team of Sarvesh Gujarathi, Chair, FirstCut 2021, and Jyotsna R Co-Chair, FirstCut 2021.

The film festival also has an art exhibition in the open amphitheatre of FLAME UNIVERSITY. Some of the most reputed filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, activists, thinktanks have judged the festival. Some of them are: Surabhi Tandon ( documentary filmmaker ), Anupama Bose ( producer and COO at Movie ), Faraz Arif Ansari ( Director and Writer,) and Rasika Duggal ( Actor, Manto, Mirzapur. )

The FLAME UNIVERSITY campus has been the hub of arts activities in the city over the years, where arts take centre stage with plethora of open workshops, festivals and education.


' What is the point of FirstCut, you ask? , FirstCut is an exhibition of growing filmmakers’ latest forays. '

We at RAD TIMES will go with that.

As we have been chatting with the orgaizers of FIRST CUT 2021 FESTIVAL, it just feels like a ride down your own college days. When I was reading Philosopy at Ferusson College! I guess all the later work that you do in your career somehow has a time stamp of your college days; I do feel so and the more I write; the journey is actually backwards, non-linear, and amplifying for us at thhe upcoming FIRST CUT 2021 FESTIVAL.

FIRST CUT 2021 also approaches film-making with a technology 'neutral' approach to the selections process. The editorial at RAD TIMES thinks if the output of filmmaking depends on the tecnology and equipment; output again depends on the ''equality' of technology. I do feel that a greater resolution camera would bring a greater frame, a greater use of filming technology would also usher in diversity and universal attraction. Don't we have a saying " The Whole World is your family ? '' Why not unite the whole world, with filmaking and ideas! So here is FIRST CUT, 2021!

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FESTIVAL DATES: 12th, 13th, and 14th of February ONLINE

You can also join the festival by scanning the below code!

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FIRST CUT 2021, will also have a podcast series called beanbag archives.

The BeanBag Archives are a casting call for people to come over and share their thoughts and experiences and reflections. FIRST CUT 2021 is a three-day festival but the energy lasts for the whole year. The festival is open to all and there is no entry fee. The only cost of entry is the expectation that individuals do not disrupt the collective viewing experience and related developments! This year the festival is online.

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