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[FILMS] Ankhon Dekhi is a must revisit during lockdown!

By: Adarsh Kumar Tiwari

Entertainment Writer, RAD Times Media

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Hello Readers

Welcome to the RAD Times Film Section. Yes, I saw "Ankhon Dekhi" starring, "Sanjay Mishra" directed by "Rajat Kapoor" today and I think that It deserves a big shoutout. 

 सुनी-सुनी बात यह है, नदी पार कुछ भी नहीं है दिखी आज वो नग्री है कही थी कहीं थी जो दूर आज लागी ला गी नई धूप!

A short synopsis:

Raje Bauji is a man in his late fifties, living out a dreary life which at times is eventful. He is living in a small house in old Delhi along with his extended family. . A random incident is going to change his life in a dramatic way- though he does not realize it yet.

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Senior actor Sanjay Mishra is nothing short of astonishing. He is mainly known for his comical roles: Kamyaab, Golmaal and Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain. Here is simply unbelievable; it's a roller-coaster performance all the way! There is something so nostalgic about the atmospherics about small towns. The system of joint family is still prevalent in many parts of India. The manner in which they celebrate the small joys of life with whatever resources they have is commendable. All the supporting actors are simply marvelous here especially the director himself Rajat Kapoor and Seema Pahwa as the doting outrageous mother. Funny, Emotional, Uplifting, thought provoking; beat your lockdown blues with this film!

I started watching this film with my friends for fun, much to my dismay it ended up being such a shimmering, preposterous and nostalgic film. A film that portrays a story near the India white collar class ; on of a kind in its own right. Sanjay Mishra is effing splendid in his depiction of Bauji, the most senior person in a joint group of two siblings – a man who, subsequent to getting disillusioned by confiding in individuals, chooses to just accept what he sees, henceforth the title which generally signifies 'What Can Be Seen'.

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After the thirty minutes mark, I wasn't having the option to accept that I am really viewing a Hindi film. Mishra's acting can't be articulated, the entire film inhales around him. He is the life-power of this film, and that is considered all the more striking since it additionally includes Rajat Kapoor's best execution to date. Also, every entertainer in this film conveys, there are around 30 of them and trust me, every one of them consolidates to frame a kind of eccentric and genuineness that I have rarely found in a Hindi film previously. The film helped me to remember my early days , as it will do to many, on the grounds that our age is the last Indian one to have seen a fatherly uncle leaving the family home for another house. The film worked like enchantment for me, yet as I made the excursion, its specialized brightness turned out to be increasingly noticeable. It is faultlessly shot - right off the bat, the hues are lavish, at that point the camerawork is extraordinary however most importantly, the edges and the feeling of structure separate this film. What's more, the acting is crazy, Rajat Kapoor as Rishi Chacha is controlled yet sincerely intense, Seema Pahuja as Amma is brilliant and as I referenced before, none of the others is even normal, not to mention awful. 

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The story advances as the excursion of Bauji through affection, abhor, dissatisfaction, betting, karma, and passionate pressure. He accepts a few jobs in this semi-biopic, that of a spouse, a coach, a parent, a sibling, an educator, a card shark – and all through this skirmish of rotating jobs, he keeps up a balance and disposition that is funny and alluring. Now and again, the film veers into practically preposterous territories on the grounds that Bauji will have a hard time believing even the fundamental standards of science without seeing them, and that makes a tingle for the individuals around him. Bauji's response to an office peon "You are so beautiful" is a champion second and most likely summarizes the message of the film, to look for satisfaction in straightforwardness and to figure out how to stay alive on the littler facts around you while keeping your investigating soul alive. Rajat Kapoor has made a marvellous showing as author executive, and the end – amazing, it is directed toward the end when the start becomes more clear, and the most recent few minutes give a scrumptious, open-finished glow to the remarkable character of Bauji.

Nobody would have thought that this underrated film of 2010 will end up in blowing up everybody's mind. Sanjay Mishra again proved how underrated he is and the cinematography is stunning, to be honest, and I can bet, the ending will leave you speechless.

Last but not least it is a must-watch film.

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You can stream this film on "Hotstar India", "Amazon prime India".

Director: Rajat Kapoor

Writer: Rajat Kapoor

Producer: Manish Mundra



Adarsh is a Gwalior based writer. He calls himself :

"...a cinephile who loves to travel a lot and explore new things!"

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