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Chuhal: Surreal love edited with a filmaker's vision!

Manav Kaul while talking about love pointed that he does not understand whatsapp-romance to be any kind of romance. For him, the romance of pre-mobile days is true romance.

Chuhal by Parth Bane is a part of TheatreFILMTheatre festival hosted by The Company Theatre.

Strong cinematic editing of images in the frame, washing in and out of the screen is seen in the film. There is an element of longing that is reported in the screenplay by the female protagonist.

It's visually appealing and the narrative takes a strong resonance with the editing of the filmmaker. It's visionary to see a work like Chuhal out in this frame of abstract, sur-real elements. But, that is what the filmmaker Parth Bane and the curators of the festival THEATREFILMTHEATRE have achieved.

Surreal editing and cinematography of abstract, modern art designs is a rarity to be seen in Indian cinema. Combined with a script and Manav Kaul's writing, the film is an addition to the genre of theatre scripts made into films in the country.

The Company Theatre is known for producing plays that have set the pace for Indian theatre. Be it Piya Behrupia or Noises-off.

Cast : Archisha Sinha, Mohit Tated

Editor: Parth Bane

Cinematographer: Koushik Katta

Sound Recording and Design:Shivkumar Reddy

Directed by:Parth Bane


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