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Book Review: 100 seconds to Midnight by Surendra Kumar Sagar! art 1

The book 100 seconds to midnight was already being written, when the author was munching on Intelligent Field and Six Words!!

The book opens up to a seminar in the parallel universe, where a seminar is being held with the greatest of minds scientists, physicists, painters, and literary characters; talking about the state of the world!

Quintessential of the Author, Surendra Kumar Sagar the discussion in the parallel universe is around international affairs!! In the parallel universe, there exists a company known as Revised greats Incorporated. It is located in Interlaken, Switzerland. This company creates by selection and comprehensive training, revised versions of great philosophers and scientists of the past. The present conference is one such result. Some of the participants in the famed seminar are Erwin Schrodinger, John Wheeler, Eugene Wagner, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The author goes to paragraphs lent to tell us, ow did these personalities come to being. Two more characters who take part in the conversations are Charlie Fox Trot and Diogenes of Alaska.

The initial bit also gives us a glimpse of two should become world leaders: Men with compassion and Information Index.

The discussion takes around 9/11 and the grounding of the Twin Towers. Very intelligently the historical minds and the author Surendra Kumar Sagar dumb down the one-theory approach to the whole incident, where the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 went down on striking the twin towers.

The author uses his structural engineering knowledge to enliven the whole discussion. The argument that 9/11 was an inside job gains ground in the discussion.

The discussion then moves to the DOOMSDAY EMBLEMATIC CLOCK and Donald Trump.

A brief sketch of his opinions and actions is discussed with ramifications around the world. You will surely enjoy its well-informed discussions.

The discussion takes on the sticky action of American interference and the rise of ISIS!!

Reminiscences of the brit lit in the sky, come. And, we are taken to the authors first book!!

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