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At 80, Author Surendra Kumar Sagar talks aggressive international geo-politics in DEEP STATE!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Image Source: Author Surendra Kumar Sagar


Author Surendra Kumar Sagar writes on philosophy, science, and international geopolitics. He feels an understanding of physics, philosophy, and more would lead to a deeper state of harmony and understanding of the world. He is currently the Technical Director in the Total Environment Group of companies. He is based out of Bengaluru and has just completed his book DEEP STATE published by! RAD TIMES chats with him about his latest book.

Q1) In a recent debate on television President Trump pointed out India, China, and Russia are not serious about climate change. He even called the nations "filthy." How would you respond to this?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: Any statement made by Donald Trump falls into one of these two categories: outrageous lie or nonsense. In the present case, it is both. Donald Trump caused immense damage to the world environment by withdrawing from the Paris Accord on Climate Change, and he wants to avoid any explanation to the world. And that is why he makes such silly and opportunist remark that the air is so filthy in New Delhi. The trouble is that whatever he says is primarily meant for the consumption of his followers. His supporters are equally cynical are impressed if he is critical of other countries such as India, China, or Russia. I call it nothing other than TRIBAL LOYALTY in modern times.


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Q2.) The emblematic clock has surely ticked closer to midnight. Do you think President Trump would change his aggressive ways, once he loses or wins the election?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: If President Trump wins the election I guess that the Emblematic Clock will move much closer to midnight. It could be as close as 60 seconds to midnight. He is unlikely to change his aggressive posture. If he loses in a tight race and calls the election as `RIGGED`, and refuses to leave office, he is likely to be even more aggressive. He may try to do something silly and extremely dangerous .. such as initiate a nuclear attack to divert attention completely. The Emblematic Clock in that case may reach 30 seconds to midnight. Let's see what happens. Only if he loses by a big margin and fails in preventing Joe Biden from becoming the president. Only then, we could say that the closk may rewind to two and a half minutes to midnight.

Q3.) Why have you titled the book so " DEEP STATE"?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: I call my book so because it's all about the DEEP STATE .. The mysterious state within the United States comprising of its military-industrial complex. The Department of defense is like the Republican welfare system. Here, defense contracts are bid on and finalized through a multitude of contracting offices with very lucrative amounts being paid to contractors. Most of these businesses are Republican owned. And the deals happen about billions of dollars every year for goods and services. Contracting out is a big Republican policy. And of course, you need wars for this government policy to be profitable. The practice of manufacturing arms, ammunition, and weapons of mass destruction and exporting them to nations in conflict - sometimes to both parties and increasing the conflict -has been at the center stage of American foreign policy.

Q4) Would the world citizens in any position to influence the U.S policies to affect all?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: Not as long as Donald Trump is serving as the President of the United States of America. The country is driven by monstrous nationalism, which has no place for citizens of any other country. Perhaps, when Biden is elected, he is very much likely to listen to the world citizens and the growing clout of the international community of nations.

Q5.) Could you tell us something more about the plot/direction of the book?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: The plot/direction of the book is to awaken the conscience and dismantle Deep States of the world. This process would lead us to a new stage in our lives where we can look back on war as an incomprehensible aberration of our past. The first half of the book talks about how Deep States and MIC ( Military Industrial Complex ) work in parallel to national governments and thwart all efforts to bring about peaceful resolution of all intra- and international civil, political, social, economic, ethno-religious -ecological and other conflicts. As a result they indeed acerbate such conflicts to such a pitch ,as to increase the danger of nuclear warfare or ecological Armageddon, in the near future, to near certainty. In particular, the Deep States and MIC of the US, Russia and China enhance the risk of nuclear war far more than those of other nations.

The second half of the text tries to create solutions for the situation created by the Deep States and MIC; so that consciousness can evolve in a smooth and uncluttered manner. My bringing in the whole text in the style of Greek dialogues between "revised versions" of path-breaking scientists and philosophers of the past tries to add spice to the issues under discussion without in any way allowing the seriousness of the discussion to sag in any way. The conclusions cannot but be otherwise in an attempt to read and if possible alter the future of humanity and the universal mind towards its best glory.

Q6.) What are the challenges you faced in writing THE DEEP STATE?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: An information search with the narrative was my biggest challenge.

" Deep State" is a play about an imaginary conversation in a parallel universe. The conversation is in a seminar. The dialogues of the actors in the play are either my own or the relevant actor's own words from books/articles/ quotes written by them. I had to read and re-read several books by scientists, who are the actors in the play-a number of times to find the most appropriate excerpts to be incorporated in the manuscript. Some examples are Ideas and opinions( Albert Einstein ) What is Life and Mind (Erwin Schrodinger ), Some strangeness in the proportion ( arry Woolfe ) , Information and the Nature Of Reality (Paul Davies and Gregerson ), Abundance ( Peter Diamantes ), articles from the PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON WORLD AFFAIRS GROUP, articles from the BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS GROUP, Six Words, Intelligent Field and Bright Light in the Sky.

The other big challenge was to convince the reader with a scientific analysis of the truth pertaining to the 9/11 attack on the WTC towers.

Q7) Do you refer to any documentary filmmakers while researching a book?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: I have not done so far. However, after SIX WORDS was published a film was made by a professional filmmaker in Bengaluru. It is a 26-minute long film which is available on Youtube and can be watched. The title of the book is SIX WORDS THE VIDEO INTRODUCTION SKSAGAR. Please do watch this film. It is quite enlightening and covers the subjects " Oneness of the mind, " Intelligent FIeld", " Information in the Field " most comprehensively. You can also watch some short videos on my book BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY.

Q8) What is writing to you?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: Writing is an integral part of my life. For the last 12 years. I spend about one hour writing each day. With my retirement, I would increase this effort. As long as, ' Out of the Box' ideas keep entering the mind, I guess I will keep writing.

Q9) How different is non-fiction writing from fiction writing?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: I have not attempted fiction yet. But, if the mind is completely free of stresses and strains caused by the outside world, related to the geo-politics of the world. I may venture to write fiction at the age of 85 if I am still alive.

Q10) What are you working on currently?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: I just completed writing my 6th book 100 SECONDS to MIDNIGHT and it has gone to the publishers, and likely to be published in November. It is the third book in the SWITCHED ON series of books. The other two are SWITCHED ON and DEEP STATE. The plot is similar in all three. The manuscripts of the first two books in the series were completed before the impact of COVID-19. So, there is no mention of these in these books. But, the subject is covered extensively in the third book 100 SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT. The subject COVID-19 has been discussed extensively in this book; which has transformed geopolitics of the world. I am currently, writing my seventh book INTELLIGENCE IN THE FIELD. This is an ambitious project on Science, Philosophy, and the world situation. It is deeply philosophical with an in-depth analysis. Of what is reality, life, and consciousness. With an emphasis on ONENESS OF THE MIND and the INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF THE UNIVERSE. The manuscript is about 40 percent completed and is expected to be ready by early next year. preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! E-mail your listing to​!


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