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SMPTE: Notable Growth in the field of MEDIA and ENTERTAINMENT Technology! [ Hollywood ]

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SMPTE ( Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers ) is a professional membership association of technical and skilled people who make it possible for everyone to experience the advancement of entertainment technology.

General Introduction

For more than a century, the people of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE, pronounced “simp-tee”) have sorted out the details of many significant advances in media and entertainment technology, from the introduction of “talkies” and colour television to HD and UHD (4K, 8K) TV.

Since its founding in 1916, the Society has received an Oscar and multiple Emmy Awards for its work in advancing moving-imagery engineering across the industry. SMPTE has developed thousands of standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines, more than 800 of which are in force today. SMPTE Time Code and the ubiquitous SMPTE Color Bars are just two examples of the Society’s notable work.

Holographic Projections could be a reality!



Now in its second century, the Society is shaping the next generation of standards and providing education for the industry to ensure interchangeability as the industry evolves further into IT- and IP-based workflows.

In a growing world of entertainment with technology have you ever wondered how the images move? or what is the science behind these moving images? You will get an idea about this in this article.

In a few short weeks, it is hard to believe that we will be ending yet another year. Another new area for SMPTE is a business development function. With a proactive sales function in place, SMPTE is beginning to reach new targets for corporate memberships, sponsorships, and advertising. Over the past year, more than a dozen new corporate members have included SMPTE in their plans due to proactive outreach.

Webcast through AR and VR technology!


To educate the people about the latest media and entertainment technology has been vitally important for SMPTE and so, to educate the new generation SMPTE releases its journal.

The current title for this publication is SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, imaging processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more.

Apart from this SMPTE also offers some virtual courses but to access those courses one must become a member of SMPTE.

NOTE: SMPTE offers one-year free membership for the students who wish to learn and know about the latest in motion pictures.

SMPTE offers its education in three ways:

  1. Virtual Courses

  2. Webcasts

  3. Podcasts

Also, you can find some of the documents to get a handful of knowledge about several things.

SMPTE Engineering Documents consist of Standards, Recommended Practices, Engineering Guidelines, and Amendments. SMPTE Engineering Documents may be intended for further submission to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the International Standards Organization (ISO), or other standards bodies.

The Society also publishes Registered Disclosure Documents and Technical Specifications, but these are not considered to be Engineering Documents and have separately defined procedures.

These documents can be found in the SMPTE Digital Library on IEEE. In total, the SMPTE Digital Library contains more than 23,000 documents including all SMPTE Journal articles back to 1916; conference papers dating back to 1969; and more than 800 standard documents covering all aspects of motion image technology including the iconic colour bar test patterns, time code, timed text, and digital cinema.

One of the primary goals of SMPTE Education is to advance the media and entertainment industry and future-proof organizations while supporting the careers of individuals by developing a variety of education services which help address the highest priority learning and development needs of the industry. The Society also seeks to partner with and support other organizations which recognize the importance of education and professional development.

Apart from this SMPTE also offers internships for students, recent graduates or the ones who are considering a career change.

Stay tuned to get to know the workings and the much more about SMPTE in the next article.

Till the time Keep reading, Keep exploring!


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