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Theatre Review: Felicity Theatre stages Patte Khul Gaye at Shri Ram Centre! [India]

Image Source: Felicity Theatre


The play PATTE KHUL GAYE is a beautiful way to present our inside out, a play written and directed by veteran actor and TV personality RAKESH BEDI. A sweet family : mother, two children-almost adults, boy, girl and father. From the start it is clear that there is a communication gap! All members of the family still have individual personalities, so clearly presented and a script to support that. The flow of the play is simply great and it seems like our everyday family sessions and talks! The same we share with our family, children, husband and wife! There is cute love, tussle, concern about each other! Not to forget the external family ( friends for long. ) The characters know each other for so long but still so much lies hidden!

Image Source: Felicity Theatre


The name PATTE KHUL GAYE is the exact and hilarious punch of the whole act. Each actor has justified the character brilliantly. They bring out the truth in open and also through rib-tickling confessions! The play is also a satire about classes in society; middle and upper class, and the difference of actions and opinions!

But the nagging question still remains why we are so hypocrite. The husband-wife do not get along as they are not meant to be! How do you expect a gay or lesbian individual to pretend to act heterosexual ! Also, why there are dual personalities! Why don't we behave like we truly are!

All this is placed before the audience in hilarious situations and timings! And the writing is impeccable! Full on entertainment by adding jokes, poetic phrases, repetitions, detailing of situations. The play becomes more entertaining and crisper, as issues are presented in an objective and subtle way by all the actors! There is beautiful selection and team work from artists!

Image Source: Felicity Theatre


The stellar cast includes Anant Mahadevan Roopali Ganguli, Kishwar Merchant, Avijit Dutt and Rakesh Bedi!

Image Source: Felicity Theatre


When all is said and done, there is also a place for the importance of each section of society. And it is a complete way to say something with open cards.


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