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Poetry and Music curated by NUKKAD CAFE in November! [Pune, India]

Nukkad Cafe in the city is curating many many poetry and music! Take a read and join these budding artists!

All Talent Open Mic - F.C. Social

A platform for all the people who are artist-in-heart and want to experiment & refine their talent. Any talent, live music, stand-up comedy, beat-boxing, raping, poetry etc can be performed. The event is about giving a platform, encouraging artist and bring a mix of talent under one roof. Event by Oblivion Studio

November 9, Saturday, 7 pm, F.C. Social, F. C. Road Performer Ticket: Rs. 220 Audience Ticket: Rs. 200

(Both tickets include Food coupon of Rs. 100 / ticket, to be adjusted against the Food and Beverage bill at the venue.) rsvp: 7887553248

Stories of Poems – An English Poetry Meetup

They say, poems are incomplete without the thought and story behind it, and as rightly said, we invite you to an event which focuses on these aspects as well!

Out of Context, an English poetry collective, brings together poets who not only indulge in their art, but also discuss elements that go behind their craft – telling the story behind the poetry! Consider this a celebration of who you are, as a whole package! Naturally, poems of your mind and of others' are welcome without judgement.

Nov 10, Sunday, 3 pm, CHai Tapri, Baner Group Contri / Head: Rs.160 Sign Up at:

rsvp: 7798578140 YouTube:

The Yellow Room - Poets' Club

The Yellow Room is a Poets’ Community. Its open for all poets (aspiring and experienced) and for all who are interested in poetry. Come share your poems or just listen to poetry; the community is open for all. It’s purely focused on encouraging and giving freedom to participants who are willing to express their perspectives through poetry without any judgement. Here, anyone and everyone can recite their poems. Nov 10, Sunday, 5 pm, Music Cafe, Law College Road

Group Contri / Head: Rs. 160 Signup: rsvp: 7798578140


Acoustic Live Music

Kashmira and Yayati are coming to make your evening musical. The duo will perform acoustic numbers from mixed genres of Pop, Soft rock, Classic rock as well as a few Bollywood songs as well. Kashmira Khot, 19, is a Pune based vocalist. She has been participating in open mics as well as doing stage acts since 2017. She has performed with Zodiac 13, Nemophilis and with other various acoustic sets previously. Yayati Zende is a Pune based vocalist and guitarist and has been a part of the music scene since 2008. He has been a part of bands like 9, Hourglass Inversion, MakeShift and Zodiac13. He's currently working on a few acoustic cover projects in addition to creating original content. This Sunday, come to Nukkad Cafe and make your evening melodious.

Nov 10, Sunday, 7 pm, Nukkad Café, Viman Nagar

Free Entry Buy Food Coupon at:

The Original Gig - Performance of original, self-composed songs and music

Pune Songwriters Unfolded presents THE ORIGINAL GIG, a gig dedicated to original work by passionate Musician and Songwriter. At this unique show, "Subhrojyoti" and a band "The Chaos Theory" will be performing. The artist will perform their original songs and a few cover songs as well. Let's spend the evening with some original music and songs. It's not going to be a serious types. A lot of fun, along with songs and hums, is guaranteed. So make sure you are attending THE ORIGINAL GIG!

Nov 10, Sunday, 7 pm, CHai Tapri, Baner Details & Tickets: rsvp: 7798578140

Hindustani Poetry Open Mic

Chand Ka Tukda Presents Tehzeeb 7.0 in Pune, a Hindustani Poetry show hosted by Ankush Tiwari. Hindustani is common language spoken in in south asia, India, Pakistan, Nepal and neighboring countries. It is a Hindi-Urdu language also understood a common tongue amongst the people. From the history, most of the literary expression, esp. poetry. Calling all the poets at heart, to share their poems and spend an evening of Hindustani Poetry.

November 10, Sunday, 6:30 pm, Inscape Co-Work, Koregaon Park

Sign-up at:

Group Contri/ Head: Rs. 160

rsvp: 9717125831


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