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THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL is an American comedy by Amy Sherman Palladino of the late 1950's. It describes the roles and transformations of Miriam Maisel ( Rachel Brosnahan )and the turning point in her life.

The series takes you from her teenager times to being in love and turning into a beloved of Joel Maisel ( Michael Zegen ) and then his beloved wife.

Life seems to be perfect for both of them and they are enjoying and spending time with each other.

They are also blessed with two kids who are looked after by Miriam's parents who are living in the same apartment.

Miriam is a perfect wife, who handles the household chores, solves Joel's issues and keeps a check on her figure religiously. She measures herself systematically everyday for ten years to stay in shape.

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Joel is a businessman who has passion to do stand up comedy at hepcat Greenwich village. It adds to enthusiasm and spice that keeps his life rolling. And the day comes when his everyday life becomes a pressure for him, he starts losing interest in his life, wife ,and work. His failure as a stand up comedian, his frustration in work made his wife responsible for everything. And one day he loses his temperament, confesses his wife of having an extramarital affair with his secretary and the loss of interest in Miriam. That was his way to escapism and he finally decides to leave her which was a turning point in Miriam's life.

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The story is based on real-life situations in which a housewife vents her anger in front of the audience. She screams, cries and expresses her anger. Being drunk, Miriam grabs the mike on the stage of the Gaslight Café and unburdens herself with a bitter monologue. The whole series takes place in the city of New York named Manhattan which reflects the culture of 1950s. The cloche hat which is worn by Miriam portrays the style of clothing during that period. Sherman Palladino has tried to represent men and women of 50's and their approach towards each other like men chasing women and trying to persuade them, men leaving women for the other woman. And the role of Miriam who stands up for herself and doing stand up for herself.


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