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HAPPY BILBO and FRODO friendship!


Happy BILBO and FRODO friendship day!

A friendship day is a wonderful occasion to make more friends, connect better, network and build newer communities. Rasa Aur Drama is touring Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest with an artist, curating and looking for performance spaces this August! Also, we want to know our readers better. Do tell us types of stories, previews, reviews, interviews you would like to see on It's the readers who build a publication; if you enjoy reading, we enjoy covering and writing.

We would love it if you could drop us a line telling about your theatre company, and the country and city you are in :) : )


Feel free to text: +91 9730308628

We would love to feature more and more theatre communities from around the world! So, tell us about yourself! Totally!

Love and happy cosmic-theatre-times,


Deepak Sinha

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