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THE DRAMA SCHOOL MUMBAI in collaboration with THESPO bring ACT TO REACT with Deepal Doshi to Pune!

ACT TO REACT by Deepal Doshi


Understanding the basic principles of


Building your creative/imaginative forces so as to enrich your


Using games, exercises and techniques that allow one to explore a character


Deepal is a Mumbai based actor-creator, director and educator. After receiving a one-year diploma in Grotowski based Physical Theatre from Vårdinge By Folkhögskola, Sweden he moved to California, USA where he obtained his MFA at Dell’Arte International School Of Physical Theatre for 3 years specializing in devising and creating original ensemble works and studying forms like Commedia Dell’Arte, Clown, Melodrama, Tragedy.

He has travelled to Bali where he studied traditional Balinese mask carving, mask dances and shadow puppetry. Since then Deepal has worked as an actor and/or director with Traveling Players Ensemble (Virginia), The Ambassador Theatre (Washington DC), International Children's Theatre Festival (Virginia), Dell’Arte Company (California), Raw Red Meat Productions (California), The Raven Project (California), The Hinterlands (Milwaukee), Rangbaaz Theatre (India), Dur Se Brothers (India), Avikal Theatre Company (India) and Teater Slava and Kompani Komedi (Sweden).


He teaches workshops and master classes for acting professionals as well as students in the U.S.A, Sweden, India and Indonesia. Every year Deepal facilitates a one month intensive in Bali for theatre professionals from Europe and U.S.A leading them in learning Balinese traditional art forms. Deepal is currently based in Mumbai where he is the founding member of Madball Co. and also works as an actor/creator with other theatre groups and as an actor for films and commercials.

His play, “A Tale Of Two Treaties”, a one-man Commedia Dell’Arte show has toured in Sweden, USA, Bali, Canada and Mumbai. He also directed and performed in an original Commedia Dell'Arte production called "It's Not What You Think", where he has adapted the Commedia Dell'Arte Archetypes into the Indian context.

Deepal is currently the only theatre professional actively performing and teaching Commedia Dell’Arte in India. He is also faculty at The Drama School Mumbai and visiting faculty at Whistling Woods International.

Where: E - Lab Studio, Pune. (Opp Satyam Industrial Estate SBI, CDSS Lane, Erandwane - 411038.)

When:Sunday, 10th March 2019

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Fees: Rs. 500

Email: or call 7506025456

All are welcome!


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