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FIVE Theatre nerd reasons to go for NATTYASATTAK RAJNI !

Two years back, attending NATYASATTAK RAJNI in Kothrud, RASA AUR DRAMA TIMES caught some amazing stories like BIN KAMCHE SAMVAAD, ANATHEMA, and SUKHAN. This year NATYASTTAK again invites you to a night of exciting performances, bonding and food!

Experience amalgam of Indian classical dance , music and theatre.

MEET ME ON THE MEADOW. If you are a lover of Indian classical music and experience local art preserved over eons of time; this night and this piece may be for you and your family. Doyen of Indian classical music PANDIT BHIMSEN JOSHI lived and performed in Pune. Sawaii Gandharva has experienced many of his high-tenor-legendary recitals and concerts! This beautiful Indian music and dance is presented by Sharvari Jamenis & Mayur Vaidya which unfolds Radha-Krishna Metaphor by Anita Kulkarni Production. Playing at 10:00 pm on 25th January!

Legendary Actor SUBODH BHAVE takes centre stage!

This is reason enough! 12:00 am on 26th January!

Theatron Entertainment takes you to college!

Nothing beats the local-crowd-pulling THEATRON on stage. There plays ANATHEMA, THE CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY, ELINA 302 are a genre unto themselves. They have also directed highly acclaimed play like ULAGGADI. This plot is super funny! The play revolves around three barbers who form a twisted plan to use a dead body to solve their financial woes. The modern Shakespearean tragedy that follows is a character study of what happens to the best of us when the pressure is high. Playing at 2:45 am on 26th January!

"इतिहास गवाह है?” is a musical kind of play with WILLIAM DALRYMPLE kind of historical research. The play also includes acting, live dance, music and a strong technical team. Based on a film writer while writing a historical biopic, travels back in time to find out that history can be partial. But then he faces opposition when he decides to change the film. SUPER intersting plot ?? Theatre Aajkal presents this at 5:30 am on 26th JANUARY!

It is REPUBLIC DAY when you wake up!

WHERE: Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha, Pune

WHEN and TIME: 25th Jan 9:30 pm to 26th Jan 7:00am

PASSES: @ Rs. 750 & 600.

Book your tickets online on @

Link -

Contact : 7447405844


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