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Contemporary and classic plays to be staged at PUNE NATTYASATTAK 2019!

Image Courtesy: WIDE WINGS MEDIA


A mind-blowing array of first time plays and classical versions of plays are what NATTYASATTAK 2019-The Best of Pune Theatre Festival is in store for the audience in the new year.

The festival is spread across 5 theaters with NATYSATTAK RAJNI; all night theatre gig [25th Jan] promising epic entertainment and engagement. The theme for the festival is PRESENTING BEST OF PUNE 's THEATRE ONE PLATFORM.

The festival dates are 11,12,13, 18, 19,20 and 25 January. The venues are Sudarshan Rangmanch, Jyotsana Bhole Sabagruha, Bharat Natya Mandir, Balgandharva Rangmandir and Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha!

A total of 23 productions would be showcased like Award-winning plays, two- act plays, child-plays ,and musical plays.




The festival would open with the iconic play MAHINIRVAN by senior theatre personality actor-director Mr. SATISH ALEKAR. The festival would close with NIRANJAN PEDANEKAR'S" SHAHI PAHAREDAR." The play stars actors SUVRAT JOSHI and ONKAR GOWARDHAN.

MCC would present JARA SAMJUN GHYA with Dr. MOHAN AGASHE and MANJUSHA GODSE on January 13. In January these are some of the best theatre near you!

Purushottam Karandak

Purushottam Karandak winning play Many award-winning play PCO by Pemraj Sarda College would also be staged. "I AGREE" winner of competitions like Rajya Natya Spardha ( State competition) and CYFi Karandak would be showcased. Winner of Maunantar Karandak, MIME ACT competition, Oh Shit! would also be staged. "VIPASHA" is another Purushottam Karandak, Lokasatta lokankika & Rangasangeet Award-winning play by CHAKREE! Rangasangeet Award winning play 'J4U' by Theatron Entertainment and Vinodattam Karandak winning play "WHITE COMEDY" would also be played.

Natyasataak would also show case MCC's Balnatya (Children's plays.) and MCC's Jambaa Bambaa Boo.


Hindi Theatre group Natyajunction Theatre would stage Jeevan Ek Rangamnch by Bikash Kumar! Maharashtra Cultural Centre and Soniya Creations would perform Jugaad by renowned actors Chinmay Mandlekar and Hrishikesh Joshi. Actor Girish Pardeshi would perform "Hash Ernesto Tag Guevera" directed by Subhadip Raha. A THESPO finalist play 'Andhar' by Abasaheb Garware College would also be staged.


Wide Wings Media and 4th Wall hindi play "Bambai" would be showed in this festival. Theatre AAJKAL would present their two act play Zabriko in the festival.

Veteran Atul Pethe would present Parwa Amcha Popat Varla, abhivachan by actor Atul Pethe and Vaphallele Divas, Natyavachan performance by Nilu Phule Academy. The festival would cater to all age groups!!!Some of the best pieces near you are waiting to be explored!!


Jai Kajal and Vedarth Studio have provided monetary support for the festival. You can book the passes here:

The press release in MARATHI is available here by WIDE WINGS MEDIA.


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