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Theatre of the Absurd: HAROLD PINTER's 1957 play opens in PUNE!

Poster by Two Musketeers


Two folks or good-Samaritans or seemingly-placid characters are sitting in a basement kind of setting. Ben has dug his neck into the newspaper and finds a story of an elderly gentleman run over by a bus. While Gus keeps fussing about everything.

Image Source: Two Musketeers


The conversation from them on, with PINTERSQUE pauses moves in a penetrating, searching way. I loved the start of the play with the weird PINTERESQUE pause.

Gus, is intrigued but doesn't quite understand the importance of the act. I found the setting of the play quite like THE BIRTHDAY PARTY: the tense, violence between the characters. The beauty of the writing is such that as absurd-ism [ Theatre of the absurd ] tends to set in; or the attempt to set the absurdist tone; the pace of the play increases, the intensity of the emotions, the emotional-intellectual jargon being expressed, and the midland between acting and writing.

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I strongly feel all of Pinter's scripts come out well because of the excellent writing. The director actually has little to do, once they have been introduced to Pinter's style. But, yes, setting these moments of shooting dialogues, which I can in hackneyed version compare to some AMAZON PRIME TV script or NETFLIX script.


Image Source: Two Musketeers


The fun in the play begins when Ben and Gus start shooting dialogues at one another, looking at the white envelope and what it contains twelve matchsticks, who has left it there? They start hunting for the person with no success. Then the orders in the basement vent. The only explanation that Gus gives that the premises was used as a kitchen and cafe, and it exchanged multiple owners! Theatre of the absurd dawning!

Image Source: Two Musketeers


We really don't know who placed the orders, or what is the pipe connecting the upper floor. It is all open to interpretation as in Pinter plays! I found the use of the vent to the left of the stage apt and the blue-siren-like lights apt. But, the play can be dug deeper into!

Image Source: Two Musketeers


In one of the television production of the play Dumb Waiter, JOHN TRAVOLTA plays the lead; which is a comedy. It also felt the characters were un-necessarily hostile to one another. They could certainly enjoy a warmer relation. Go enjoy this classic theatre of the absurd!

Cast: Hardik, Prasoon

Light Design: Abhipray

Sound Design: Pavan

Direction and Adaptation: Two Musketeers


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