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Theatre Review: Zabriko is an experience!

Image Source: Theatre Aajkal


ZABRIKO , the play has vagrancy and freedom, fulgurating pain, vociferate, muddy solitude, sanguine expectations, thorns and snares; festooned with life belts! HanumanJean Paul SartreNausea And, execution quite plain and a sense of spatial use on stage. The costumes could be made more elaborate, but an absurdist-stark-visible-in-normal-lights costume. Zabriko is certainly worth a second watch!'s ! And there was no other character.The play felt plain boring at times but also genuine; because boredom is a part of life. How do you portray boredom-interestingly ? Like A pony-hair man is running, walking, stopping on stage and running again downstairs; questioning himself and giving a preaching on mediocrity; and the play-watchers which consisted of family, friends and ticket-buyers are glued to the stage. This protagonist, allow me to call him so; carried more than half hour set just on his dialogues. His confidence was like the Lanka-saving-lines!This authenticity gave the play quite a fresh feel and the execution was yes experimental!. It's here that the piece also goes live; and there is such an un-expected energy to live pieces that you cannot miss! The character would question the audience, scamper up and down the stage like a deer; and the audience in First row, we were totally silent. Also, wondering at times if we were enjoying the play added to the experimental affair. Had the costumes been elaborate, it could become a traditional-play . But, this play scratched the periphery of an orange like concept. The sets of Zabriko was interesting, with a mountain like stage; perhaps I am wrong, a king like stage. Maybe yes. But, no. This play is much more unorganized than it seems. While I was watching along with or pretending to enjoy it! Live theatre jolts you out of your stupor and I was unmuted!

Image Source: Theatre Aajkal


Mediocrity is frustrated in the play to the point of celebration!There were elements of design in the play very briefly. The blocking of characters was like a bed-sheet-white-blocking!Does it take you to the recent production Hamlet ?The use of languages also in the script is varied from English, Hindi, Marathi; with little dance.I was expecting that the character would come to me too, asking questions; but perhaps the team kept rehearsed members in the audience to take the part.A scientist appears on stage, a writer, a hawk like character. All of them bemoaning and praising themselves. The dialogues of the characters are simple and pointed; which made the play enjoyable. But, the play is like lentils still being cooked! Go enjoy the dish, when it plays next!


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