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The Mahindra Kabira Festival is mystic in all ways! [Varanasi, India]

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Come November and Varanasi will wake up to Kabir's lessons in a rich two-day program of music, history and quietness. The third edition of the Mahindra Kabira Festival would be held from 16th to 18th November. The mystic saint Kabir teaches to focus on the quiet which is inside every person.


Varanasi gave birth to the mystic saint Kabir, whose dohas are popular. The city is unparalleled for it's extraordinary feeling, soul and history. The festival in a way praises the soul of Kabir and his rationality and expression; in a two day program. Be ready to envision the intensity of music as they ring of antiquated sanctuary chimes--in a city saturated with history, music, workmanship, enchantment and religion. The city hoards and empowers the cheerful concurrence of expressions of the human and other worldy experience.

Some forms of music which would be explored are Ben ares gharana and society customs, of Sufi music, dadra, thumri, khayal gayaki styles, ghazals and pakhawaj and tabla players in a feel aromatic with history and a blend of voices and hues characteristic for the beat of India's social grid.

There would also be sessions on craftsmanship and writing which is motivated by Kabir.

What all can you do ?

Absorb the music, walk the noteworthy, winding rear ways, get pursued by the universal bulls, chase the bazaars for wooden toys and taste the sharp, tart and sweet treats in the city, go to the weavers' chasms where Kabir is said to have grown up and see the fabulous enumerating that the respected Banarasi handlooms can empower.

The celebration anticipates, with a melody in its heart and a spring in its progression as the omniscient Ganga prepares itself with a thousand lights from passing pontoons, with ghats and structures calling to you crosswise over hundreds of years.

Video for a overall view of festival :

What can I explore in Mahindra’s Kabira Festival ?

Morning Music : Start your day at Mahindra Kabira with an empowering and a spirit purifying Morning Music Program, highlighting Kabir veterans who will perform on Darbhanga Ghat in the mornings of both celebration days. Morning Music is a piece of the Festival Experience and is available to allorning Music

Food: Delicious Varanasi food

You can also enjoy delicious and authentic food of Darbanga ghaat.

Heritage of Varanasi

There are some very interesting places and temples in Varanasi, where you can spent peaceful time with your family and friends.

Where: Varanasi

When: 16th to 18th Nov. 2018



Vishwajeet Shinde is interning with Rasa Aur Drama, teaches theatre and loves to work with kids. Click on the image to contact the writer.

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