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[Non Fiction] Watching, just watching a play!

...the curtains are feeling shy to close, and the doorman at the gate, who meticulously checked your ticket for Season one of PURUSHOTTAM Karandak stands triumphant; a successful-gladiator-after-winning-look! You notice he is also more alert at the doomed end of the characters; who enjoy an hour or so of PURUSHOTTAM fame. The doorman, if he's a new staff may read the energy of the crowd with drooping interest. Or just the rickety clock from besides the balcony. I take down notes on the paper; the light, sound, improvisation details and the hooting of the crowd; which is impossible to miss.

Some actors who know where they stand, the shy-growing-characters mix in the star-lead-director-actor like jeera in yellow dal or cream in white sauce pasta. So, even the doorman does not fail to notice tis! These characters become the flavor of the show again; and one team!

I process all these in my mind quietly when the lights and sound and the acting starts to grow dramatic; like Ramanad Sagar's "Ramayana." I hold my breadth and the curtains close! Lo! the play is over!

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