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Theatre Review: Design theatre in 'Of Drumrolls and Cycles'



Trinity College of engineering and Resesrach

A father [Mithananda Deshpande] runs his production house playing superhero characters and more. But, his whole day of work is not enough to charm his young son. The piece Of Drumrolls and Cycles was experimental in nature. The use of a square box for a studio helped do this. The team in a way experimented with the length and breadth of the stage. A common theatre parlance is to experiment with space. But, to make the stage into a box which has spatial effects of it's own was interesting [ on the same stage]. It looked as if the stage has contracted.

The son craves for Marvel comic superheroes like Iron man. The story is a quest of the dad to win over his son to his ambitions. Getting back to bored son whom the father tries to persuade with his story of a feat on a hill. But, to little avail.

In the play when the dad is trying to do an Iron Man on a cycle with a flying cape had good creative thought. It became quite possible because it took place in a box. Was it outside the box, it wouldn't have felt like that.

The techniques, though behind the play makes it an important Purushottam Karandak play.

The opening of the play had some kind of charts around the studio. The script is a take on the current obsession with games and VFX. Very interesting and excellent use of sets. Good work folks :) I feel this play would make it to the next round. This piece can mature into an immersive theatre experience also!

Cast : Nityanand Deshpande (Lead)- Nayan Adangale, (Critic & wife)- Akanksha Awari; Saurabh

Kulkarni(Director )-Hrishikesh Kulkarni; Son and Marvel guy- Shubham Kadu; Crew member and gorilla-Sourabh Shide

Crew members-:Shailesh Rathod; Hitesh Patil; Aditya Gogar

Lightman: Mahesh Bhise; Soundman- Vivek Damodar

Co - writer and Director: Mr. Sidhesh Dhuri

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