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Theatre Nisha And Alliance Francaise present Waiting for Godot in Chennai! [India]


A besotting texture of lights pulls you to the new production of Waiting for Godot by Theatre Nisha. In words of the Irish literary critic, Waiting For Godot is a play where nothing happens twice. It is written by the French Playwright Samuel Beckett. Waiting for Godot has emerged as one of the most transition making works of dramatic art because of its inherent power to make us come face to face with the angst that our social and political conditions afford us without any compunctions or compassion for human dignity. It is an existential play that traverses the waiting of an unknown and unseen Godot by Vladimir and Estragon, and their indescribable meeting with Pozzo and Lucky. Known to be one of the incomprehensible plays ever written, Waiting for Godot, is a historic play for the very reason that it brings to face the essence of life.It also has been one of the most controversial plays to be, ironically, performed the most number of times as well. It was banned in the former Eastern German Republic and the prison of Guantanamo Bay on the grounds that it was breeding apathy among prisoners, who saw the wait for Godot as their wait for justice. It is still on the list of banned books of Guantanamo Bay.


Where: Alliance Francaise of Madras, Chennai, India

When: Aug 18-19.

Time: 3 pm and 7 pm

Entry: Free

For inquiries: 9840098396

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