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Six Reasons to go for Neon Movie Nights at Lost The Plot!

Image Credit: Lost The Plot Facebook


Building an art of cinema-watching in the city would go to Lost the Plot. Creating new settings to grow the love for storytelling in the celluloid medium is it's forte. Recently, at the Creaticity festival they put up a VR headset-watch of a documentary by Anand Gandhi, and the making of Dangal in biunurial sound. Their Neon Movie Night screening is a kind of scenographic take on the love for cinema.

The Neon Movie Nights at All Rounders Shot at Phoenix Marketcity saw the amazing The Life of Pi based on the Yann Martel novel. Here are some reasons you should go for movie night tomorrow:

1. Delectable choice of films

After Life of Pi, Lost The Plot is screening Kung Fu Panda. There are rumors that they may screen Space Odyssey and some Christopher Nolan too.

2. A scenographic set like movie watching

The neon lights and the setting take you to a stage like world.

3. Imagine this boat scene in Neon Lights!

4. Connect with fellow film buffs in the city.

5. Gaming Zone

If you are early, enjoy the gaming Zone at the venue.

6. Pune based Origami artist Sangram Sadhale or "Sango" is helping with the design.

Sango is an expert on origami, paper-mache, paper craft, scrap art, art installations

Hope you catch up with this neon movie night and many more to come.


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