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Author Randhir Khare's new book Memory Land takes you to Gujarat!

On World Environment Day, Vishwakarma Publications announces the release of MEMORY LAND, an exquisite collection of poems and drawings by Randhir Khare - one of India’s finest poets in English, celebrating the primordial power of the Dang jungles of South Gujarat. Nature in all her resplendent diversity comes alive in these poems and starkly expressive line drawings. The age-old relationship between traditional communities and their natural environment is vibrantly revealed through evocative words and images. This is the first poetic work to come out of post-Independence India that explores the cultural geography of a forest region.

The collection contains 59 poems that rediscover the flora, fauna and ecology of the Dang jungles, reveals the ancient sacred spaces in the jungles which attract diverse communities, explores the intimate relationship between nature and human beings and celebrates rivers, trees, mountain ranges and celestial elements in simple folkloric language.

Enlivening the collection are 88 original line drawings that reflect the spirit of the jungles through a contemporary visual idiom that is both expressive as well as emotive.

Do pick up the book, from your local bookshop in Pune!

Online order link:

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