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[Movies and Theatre] What I have learned from the villains of Marvel Comics ?

We love covering theatre, anything related to theatre and RASA AUR DRAMA is at it. But, why not write on good works in other mediums. Like films, sculpturing, documentary and digital art. I was looking for a word to describe my love for technology and I found "Digital Nomad." I travel and use technology to do my work. [Did I learn all this organizing two TEDx conferences. Yes!]

I saw Avengers:Infinity War in 3D and enjoyed it . All the superheroes are balancing one another in a plot of war and mayhem. There is something all storytellers can learn from this film. I watch so little films. I review with my reasoning. After gaining a decent amount of knowledge of films, theatre, painting. A reviewer works with his understanding of art. So, do I, stick to the knowledge reserve. But this film Avengers:Infinity War has points you can note down. You can learn how to execute a story better in theatre or films. You can learn how to set a character better in theatre or films.Entertainment factor is there, but look at the marketing, the huge team work and the product. If one art form can learn from another, why not films. Good stories stand out whether you put in lots of money or not. In theatre , we have such an unorganized and non-technical industry. Why not study the production and evolution of films to understand theatre better? How did a film evolve as an art medium to have such huge following ? Is the production process, the money behind it or the idea? Does theatre too have a field of sophistication ?Also, accept it or not there is a huge amount of ego involved in theatre. I discovered this in myself too, while writing. I was expecting my pieces to receive praising always. But now I understand it cannot be. It does not workout that way. A reader will respond to a piece of thought and no writer closes them in their zone of expectations. In fact disagreements help you grow because:

1. You stand your ground

2. You see a different view point which could also be correct.

The German philosopher Hegel was right in talking about progress. It is a result of thesis, anti-thesis; that can result in synthesis. I also find progress in the villains of the Marvel comics. Power, leadership, dare devilry! The heroes respond to these problems. It is villains who create the anti-thesis and question the thesis. The villains prevent a synthesis. Whether the Avengers lose or win; there will be synthesis. Whether Thanos wins or loses there will be synthesis. Is destruction evil ? No!. Creation an destruction are laws of nature. It is destruction which creates the way for clearing up the space. Also, the ability to strike and protect. I have noticed villains have a huge proportion to protect themselves. Heroes always goof up and then go out to win the battle back. Why do superheroes slack in the first place? Here are some villains, what to learn from them; lets, lets seeeeeee.

Rabum Alal or Doctor Doom

Rabum Alal had a secret identity. It was clear in upcoming Marvel films that he is Doctor Doom. Doom's mom died early and he could not do anything. But, he still wanted to save her soul. He began to study science and magic. He scarred his face at the State University. He was making a machine. It would project the astral form of a being into other dimensions. The machine backfired while trying weird experiments. It also scarred his face. He found himself expelled.

He began to travel and came upon a group of Tibetan monks. They helped him build an Armour. Encouraged, he returned home and took over the reins of the land. In this thirst for power, to rule the world he had his first fight with the Fantastic Four.

Quality: Persistence


Taskmaster could replicate the physical movement of artists, athletes and circus clowns . This discovery was vital in shaping his character. His mom came to call it "Photographic Reflexes." While watching a cowboy television show, he learned the rope tricks. He saw a swimmer perform a backward leap. He did that too but nearly drowned as he couldn't swim. Once at school, he copied the movements of a quarterback footballer and got his way. But, his mind was more interested in crime. He began to train himself by watching footage of superheroes. he got this from archival television and news broadcasts. He set up his own organization, Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane. At this academy he trained henchmen for criminal organizations. The administrator of the organization Dr Pernell Solomon had heart problems. He had the science staff of the academy make him a clone:Selbe. But, Selbe ran away and told the secrets to The Avengers. In a combat which was to be, Taskmaster single handedly stood against Captain America and Iron Man.

Powers: Photographic Reflexes, Limited Superhuman Speed, Physical Movement Prediction,Superhuman Reflexes, Peak Physical Conditioning,Master Martial Artist,Master Tactician, Weapon Mastery,Master Marksman,Fighting Styles

Quality: Maximum resource utility


Korvac was a a computer engineer. He lived in the alternate Earth in the year 2997. His father passed away young and his upbringing was taken care by his mother. He came to have a spiteful temper and attitude. Brotherhood of Badoon captured the Sol System and it's colonies. Korvac became a collaborator with them. During work, Korvac was sleeping and Badoon grafted him to a machine and Korvac became a cyborg. Korvac was sent across time by Grandmaster. He combated Doctor Strange and the Defenders. Korvac lost intentionally. He fled to the 616-universe. Here he came across the entity Galactus when he was downloading knowledge from the space station. He became one with the Power Cosmic and was God like from then on. Guardians of the Galaxy joined forces with the Avengers to stop him.

Quality: Knowledge of the universe


Norman Osborn was a respectable and fanatic industrialist. Co-founder of Osborn Industries. He married his college sweetheart who bore him a son, Harry. Unfortunately, she died within the first year of giving birth. He focused on his work and gave little attention to his son Harry. Citing the reason of lacking academic excellence or drive. Norman was uniting the criminals under his leadership. He tried the concoction one one of his employees Nels Van Adder and it led to accusations on him. Norman discovered the notes of Professor Stromm and tried the serum on himself. But, the serum exploded which left him hospitalized for weeks. He emerged smarter and superhuman. But, it affected his sanity. He began to take on the superheroes head on and went after Spider Man.

He now became a Green Goblin in a grotesque green costume. Some of his notable powers are: superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, regenerative healing factor, superhuman agility, superhuman reflexes, webbing, wall crawling, webbing, camouflage capabilities, constituent matter manipulation, symbiotic expansion and psychic control, fire immunity, sonic immunity, gifted intelligence, expert marksman and gifted intelligence.

Quality: Quickness


Thanos has come to be one of the most powerful of the villains. He is also referred to as the Dark Lord or the Mad Titan, because he wants to destroy all life. And his obsession with death. He is a Titan Lord and commands to armies: Chitauri and the Outriders. He believes the massive population of the universe was using up the resources. And, for happy existence one part of the universe had to die. He came to know if he acquired the Infinity Stones, he could end the world. he made alliances with Loki and Ronan bit it won't work. He decided to find the location of the Infinity Stones himself.

I was spellbound by the character of Thanos in Avengers:Infinity War. He was tough but emotional. Powerful but vulnerable. He saved a girl while destroying a village, who became his daughter called Gamora. To the end he had affection for her, until she started disobeying him, he had to push her off the cliff. Quite a focused film character, his presence was very formidable. And the characterization of the character stays with you.

"Little one, it's a simple calculus. This universe has finite its resources, finite...if life is left unchecked, life will stop to exist. It needs correcting." "You don't know that!" "I'm the only one who knows that. At least, I'm the only with the will to act on it."

―Thanos and Gamora

Thanos is associated with sadism, cruelty, megalomania, infinite destruction, death, power and madness, domination, confident, unfazed, manipulative, mistrustful.

Some of his powers are: Immortality, superhuman strenth, superhuman durability, superhuman reflexes, superhuman speed, night omniptence, regenerative healing factor, flight, energy manipulation, pain inducement, strenth augmentation, energy crush, energy projection, energy blasts, energy beams, energy bursts, power negation and redirection, telekinesis, vortex creation, event recreation, soul manipulation, mind manipulation.

Good Day Folks!

The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal: to wipe out half the universe. If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with the snap of his fingers... just like that."


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