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From opening Piya Behrupia at The Globe Theatre, London to creating another Shakespearean adaptation Khwaab Sa; The Company Theatre has drawn attention with its sheer quality of work for the last twenty-five years. The theatre company kicks off its celebrations with a new production called THIS IS ALL THERE IS WHEN THERE IS ALL THIS. The piece is inspired by Zbigniewski Rybczynski's Tango, an Oscar Award-winning animation film.


A physical theatre performance which is created with a large ensemble of bodies, which are moving in orchestrated chaos. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, the bodies are looping through time across real and imagined spaces - creating quiet moments of tenderness, humor, and violence.

Driven by the force of their sheer numbers, an array of personas meet, collide, and sometimes just miss each other, as they forge their own path in a skewed time and place eerily resembling our own. Their actions morph and repeat themselves in absurd cycles which continue relentlessly. Through bizarre yet familiar characters – like a man who trips over nothing, a constantly bickering couple, twins stuck in a sneezing fit, and a girl who must measure distances to nowhere – we encounter death, love, loss, desire and other human experiences.


Rachel D’Souza

Rachel started her theatre career with The Company Theatre. She was further trained at London International School for Performing Arts. As a freelance artist, she has been part of renowned plays like Hamlet The Clown Prince, Piya Behrupiya, Gentleman’s Club, Numbers in the Dark and many others. She has also directed her first play in 2018 called Fly by Night as a part of Patchwork Ensemble in Mumbai. Rachel is also a writer, a scenographer, and a dramaturge and has been crucial to the development of many successful theatre productions such as Agent Provocateur, Khwaab Sa and many others. Rachel has also attended workshops with Ariane Kmouchkine during Ecole Nomade in Pondicherry and with Veenapani Chawla at Adishakti in Pondicherry. Rachel is also very crucial to the design, development, and running of TCT Workspace in Kamshet- an International Residency for Performing Arts Research, Training & Performance.


Sujay Saple is artistic director of Shapeshift Collective. He has been working in the field of performing arts for over 15 years in various capacities – as a performer, assistant director, movement workshop conductor, and as a lighting designer. He started his career with The Company Theatre, Mumbai, and through the years has worked as a freelance collaborator on over 40 projects. His previous works as a choreographer/director – Unselfed(2012), Moonfool (2014), Ghar Ki Murgi (2017), Agent Provocateur (2017), and Plastic Bodies (2017) under his own banner Shapeshift, have performed at various festivals around India and received rave reviews.

Sujay has also trained in physical theatre for a brief period with Adil Hussain in Hampi, Karnataka. He won the best lighting designer award at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre (META) Awards in 2008. He teaches performance at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture. He is a recipient of the Ministry of Culture-Government of India fellowship for performance research and practice. He has also received the Art Think South Asia (ATSA) Fellowship ‘16.

Cast: Atul Kumar, Niharika Lyra Dutt, Niketan Sharma, Jeevak More, Prashansa Sharma, Rohit Mehra, Mallika Singh, Trinetra Tiwari, Tushar Dalvi, Roshan Shetty, Kohmal Khanna, Divyesh Vijayakar, Rushab Kamdar, Akash Srivastava, Shreya Chakraborty, Dhara Mehta, Janhavi Pawar, Nitya Mathur, Kartavya Sharma, Aakash Prabhakar, Sanket Kadam, Atul Somkuwar, Radhika Chopra, Dheer Hira, Priti Shroff

Some of the other known productions of The Company Theatre are The Blue Mug, Noises Off, Piya Behrupiya, Khwaab Sa. TCT also boasts of an International Residency at Kamshet for research, training and new work. Visit to know more. This new production opens in Prithvi Theatre from March 6th March.

Where: Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, Mumbai

When: 6th to 11th March [Additional shows on Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm]

Time: 9 pm

Bookings: Bookmyshow

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