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Theatre Preview: Ramayana Tour by Sandbox Collective




Sandbox Collective presents tales from the Ramayana. We have grown up listening, reading and performing different versions of the Hindu epic. But the question still remains: what is Ramayana?

This new production is an exploration of this very question, in an effort to piece together the 'in-between' spaces of myth and reality. It draws from the revered epic, aiming to create a visual narrative that follows the movement of the story.

The production is a result of a conversation between Sandbox Collective and Performer/Choreographer Felix Mathias Ott, which began in 2013.

'We find an entry point into this well-known and beloved story through a multi-dimensional map, created from recycled junk materials and found debris. This mind-map becomes a playground where we can think about the infinite scenarios the Ramayana holds within itself."

Two storytellers enter the map and get carried away by the force of what unfolds. Slowly, the map expands and becomes more complex -- what the story tellers are constructing takes them further and deeper into the unending stream of mythology. As they are carried away by the stream, their journey shows them different perspectives on an ancient tale. In this surreal world, the epic reveals itself in new and unexpected ways. Spectators are part of this journey."


Felix Mathias Ott was born in 1983 in Reutlingen and is currently based in Berlin. He studied Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography at HZT Berlin. He has worked on many international projects, and his work is also supported by the City of Berlin and the Goethe Institut. Ott's works have had a particular focus on the interplay of mythology and the ‘reality’ we see around us. This was particularly true of his previous work- The Odyssey Complex which traveled to India in 2013. Some of his other works include An Iliad, M.A.R.S, and M.O.N.D.

Vinod Ravindran is a theatre actor and director based in Bangalore, India and has been working in the field of theatre for over 15 years. As an actor, he has worked with directors like Atul Kumar, Abhishek Majumdar, Ajay Krishnan, Kirtana Kumar and B. Jayashree. He recent productions as a director include, How Cow Now Cow (for children) and Somewhat Like a Balloon. He has performed across India and worked with various theatre and dance companies. His special interests are in the field of devised theatre. His most recent foray includes writing a play that was long-listed for a national theatre competition.

Puja Sarup is an award-winning actor based in Mumbai, India. She has worked extensively with some of the biggest names in Indian Theatre including Sunil Shanbag, Rehaan Engineer, and Rajat Kapoor among others. She also heads a theatre company titled Patchworks Ensemble, that works with devised theatre. Puja’s recent work as an actor includes the award winning Hamlet The Clown Prince directed by Rajat Kapoor and The Gentlemen’s Club a pioneering piece of work on drag kings. Puja studied clowning and physical theatre at Helikos Scuola Internazionale in Florence and has worked for a short period with Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Company in France.

Benjamin Brix is a video artist, film editor, and cameraman. In the past, he has worked as a stone sculptor and has studied visual communication and product design. He has worked with performers, artists and filmmakers from various countries, as both installation artist, and also on collaborative film making projects. Brix has a long-standing working relationship with Felix Ott, with whom he collaborated on The Odyssey Project, a much-celebrated work that traveled to Bangalore in 2013.

Nikhil Nagaraj is a sound designer and musician, working with theatre and dance productions. Through the use of custom-made software he designs sound effects, contemporary electronic musicand works with binaural sound, ambisonics, and electro-acoustic sound research. He is the chief sound supervisor at a recording studio in Bangalore.


Director/Choreographer: Felix Mathias Ott

Performers: Puja Sarup and Vinod Ravindran

Video Artist: Benjamin Brix

Sound Design: Nikhil Nagaraj

Production Manager: Bharavi

Production Assistance: Deepankar Pai

Lighting design: Felix Mathias Ott and Bharavi

Produced by: Sandbox Collective (Nimi Ravindran)

This production is supported by the International Co-production fund of the Goethe-Institute

9 February | Ranga Shankara | 7:30PM

10 February | Ranga Shankara | 3:30PM & 7:30PM

Tickets available on

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