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Introducing Abhijaat Bageshri in Belgaum, Karnataka

A former resident of Pune city, Professor Aniruddha Thuse has shifted to Belgaum, Karnataka. He keeps up his theatre activity here and has started his group Abhijaat Bageshri.

He has under his belt of having done 40 plays and acted in 10 Hindi/Marathi serials. His works of 40 plays spans over 25 years. He has studied under Pt. Satyadev Dubey.

Some of his works:

Ayushyaat Pahilayandach [Director- Satyadev Dubey]

Kovli Unhe [Director Sandesh Kulkarni]

Surya Pahilela Manus [Director Atul Pethe]

Play participation:

Resha (2008)

Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad FirstParitoshik

Mission Hanamari (2009)

Self written and Directed Theatre Production Event

Corporate Kutumbh (2009)

Guru Paachpaande (2011)

Ghatre Shodhnaare Pees (2008)

( Based on poet Ray Keenikar)

Saugat har Pal Ki (2007, Film and song)

Short Film:

Der Na Ho Jaye Kahi, Screenplay and Direction

[screened at Short Film Festival Bengaluru, Belgaum]

Theater Productions of Abjijaat Bageshri, Pune


Judge for the following competitions:

Parikshak Mahnoon Kaam(As a Judge)

Purushottam Karandak Inter-College Play Competiton

Purushottam Karanadak Inter-college Play Competition (2009)

Sakal Karanadak Inter-college Play Competition (2011, Jalgaon)

Sakal Karandak Inter-college Play Competition (2012, Goa)

Rasa Aur Drama takes immense pleasure in introducing Abhijaat Bageshri.

Prof. Aniruddha Thuse can be reached : or 9850901315


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