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Theatre Preview: Theatron presents Bhanvar at Prithvi Theatre

Bhanvar Singh

"After the hangover of Raja Paranjape Karandak which took place last weekend ,hangover is an appropriate word as the plays showcased are of high quality and you are completely lost in those plays. Some plays made me laugh, one of them made me cry and others made me think, and there are so many variations. It happens with us most of the time.

The play Bhanvar has won many awards before and I have heard lots of people gossiping only about Bhanvar in theatre. When you listen to stories or you hear about places that you have never visited, or you create an imaginary image at the back of your mind.

Something same happened to me. I watched Bhanvar for the first time. And felt ok to watch a solo performance based on the loneliness of a watchman's life. I liked the play. Hearing so many views of people I was not able to figure out what my views are about the play.But, after four days I was sitting silently and suddenly I remembered Bhanvar Singh's dialogue and the whole play as it is. And I discovered my view which was lost in the voice of crowd about Bhanvar Singh.

Solo performance is not a new form in Maharashtra as it has been there even in folk performances like Bharudh from ages. After watching Bhanvar I'm sure many artists would have felt I want to try this. The best part about the piece is that you can feel the energy of the person as it is a live performance than you feel on watching digital media. You feel the energy when actor Shivraj Waichal performs right from the beginning and keeps you hooked up with his stunning performance of one and half hours.

He has an excellent versatility. A well-crafted play where every person will find himself somewhere in the play in only one character or may be many times. The frustration is carried with light humor where you feel it, you understand the seriousness, but you don't get it.

The perfect team works with lights, music and different voices which are correct in the timing. And their timing is just mind-blowing. The best thing is that the same property or emotion may be used twice butt here is no repletion of thoughts. Bhanvar is like a magical experience is what I feel.

When: 7th Feb

Where: Prithvi Theatre

Time: 6pm and 9 pm

Tickets: Bookmyshow

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