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Theatre Preview: Suyog Deshpande directs S X | E Y SEASON X | EPISODE Y

In a directorial debut for Aasakta Kalamanch, Director Suyog Deshpande brings a story in a series of 17 short plays, with 35 vibrant characters searching for a meaning to their lives through sexuality, death, revenge, love, thoughts, whispers, physical and psychological revelations. The play Season X| Episode Y: SX | EY is a kaleidoscope of internal conflicts of human beings and the darkness that pervades every human mind." We dwell in different spaces but it's our emotions which keeps us connected from one another," says the director in a press release to Rasa Aur Drama.

Some snippets in Season X| Episode Y : A child has a gun in his head, a Merchant Navy servant is about to die, a guide kills a tourist, a woman is in depression, a girl wants love, an unknown person brings gifts for his child and a mother wants to kill her own child and a bowler wants revenge. The director further adds that the idea for the play came to him while discussing with META winning director and founder of Aasakta Kalaamanch, Mohit Takalkar.

"I belong to young theatre wing of Aasakta Kalaamanch and we wanted to explore something which deals with the sensibility of our generation. When Mohit suggested us the idea of compiling short plays, we were excited, energized and thrilled to explore this concept. After a lot of readings and improvisations, we finalized 20 plays, all with different themes, yet had some similarity with each other. These 20 plays were compiled into a single theatrical piece."


In the span of 10 years, the group has so far had 600 performances of different plays that it has produced traveling across the country and abroad. It is the foremost experimental theatre group in the city. Their plays have been performed at National School of Drama’sBharat Rang Mahotsav and TIE’s Jashne Bachpan, MahindraExcellence in Theatre Awards, Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre andSatellite Theatre Festivals, Prithvi Theatre Festival, Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, Park Theatre Festival, etc. Do go for the play on 3rd Feb.



Direction : Suyog Deshpande.

Light Design : Sachin Lele

Lights Assistance : Omkar Hajare

Costume Design : Devika Kale

Production Manager : Vibhav Takey

On Sound : Suraj Jaiswal

Projection : Lalit Bairagi

Stage Management : Vibhav Takey, Aditya Mangate

Publicity Design : Athashree Thube

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi

Duration : 70 minutes | No Intermission

Cast : Aditya Mangate, Athashree Thube, Hrishikesh Pujari, Jeevak More, Manasi Bhawalkar, Siddhesh Dhuri, Surabhi Dhamal, Vibhav Takey

Special Thanks : Saumitra Dharap, Jayesh Newgi, Saket Kanetkar, Niranjan Pedanekar.

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