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Natyasattak Rajani: All Night Theatre Gig

Get ready for "Natyasattak Rajani" an all night long theatre celebration; the crescendo of Pune Natyasattak. Like last year the festival will start on 25th January on 9 pm and continue till 7:30 am on 26th January "The Republic Day."

The organizers Wide Wings Media has released the schedule and it will begin with the performance by the beloved Marathi actor Sachin Khedekar and Chandrakant Kulkarni in Maunraag.

Sachin Khedekar

Chandrakant Kulkarni

At 11:30 pm the audience will get a taste of the Purushottam Karandak winning play Deta Ka Karandak starring Devendra Gaikwad and Paresh Devlankar.

Theatron Entertainment presents it's mime play 202 Elina starring Shivraj Waichal, Kamudi Walokar, Suraj Parasnis and Virajas Kukarni.

Theatron Entertainment

theatron entertainment

A show stealer, the Marathi web channel Bhadipa will catch the audience with their web comedy. Comedians like Sarang Sathe, Omkar Rege and Chetan Mule will take the stage.

Followed by the ever popular "Sukhaan". It is a kind of Mushayara (a performance consisting Shayaris, Ghazals and poems in Urdu.)

The event is supported by Buldhana Urban and Jai Kajal.

Natyasattak Rajani Schedule:

Closing Ceremony :9:00pm:9:30pm


देता का करंडक:1:00am

202 Elina:2:00amSMS

सुख़न : 4:00am


Where: Balgandharva Rangmandir

When: 25th January to 26th January

Time: 9pm to 7:30 am

Ticket booking:7040603433 or

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