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"Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara" launches Bengal Tour

From the invisible space of Indian prison to the ideological fetish of the human mind, "Che" or "Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara travels to West Bengal this January. The play is directed and written by NSD alumnus Subhdeep Raha. His oeuvre includes: Chaplin Prepares, Love Hate and Football, Machbeth, Whispering women, Bose is Coming, Three Sister, Short Stories of Chekhov, Text Party.

The play "Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara" disturbed the audience with it's magic realism and stark setting of an Indian prison. The play uses simple visuals which are stark naked and driving like the hills. The Pune audience got to watch the first show of the play.

Writer-Director Subhdeep Raha

The director of the play Subhdeep says "The play will also travel to the north east and New Delhi, soon." At the moment the play is touring from 7th to 14 January; Siliguri to Calcutta. The play uses strong experimental elements which may sway towards immersive theatre. It's a piece drawing strongly from the script.

In an interaction with Rasa Aur Drama , the director says "The play is about Magic Realism. Che is in an Indian prison and no one knows about him. This kind of dishonesty is present in our ideologies which is an ideology of convenience and not the thinking process."

The play is touring six venues in January and the cast is excited. This is there first tour of the play!

You can watch new teaser of the play below:

Cast: Girish Pardeshi, Gita Guha, Amit Kumar, Pramitee Narake, Bobby Adhale

Production Design: Sagnik

Music: Ameya Surve

Set and Properties: Nishcahyatal Ingole

Backstage: Saurabh Madane

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