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Ashiyana Karandak workshop photos

The two days of the workshop came to an end with unabated enthusiasm. There was a presentation by the distinguished jury where participants from 30 societies were present. A total of 250 participants. The venue of the workshop was close to Jyotsana Bhole Sabhagruha. The number of teams was 45 and there was a question and answer with every team member.

Milind Shitre , who holds a record in the longest story in alliteration in the Marathi language mentored the participants on script. He has directed and acted in the film "Prime Time" which also has Krutika Deo in the cast.

Pranit Kulkarni mentored the participants on team building. Spending time with your team and imbuing chemistry is so important in a piece. Pranit also fostered the team spirit with his presentation.

Pradeep Vaidya mentored the participants on lights.Lights and sound were also stressed during the mentoring session.

Rahul Ranade mentored the participants on music. He gave an example where you have two tracks and you can fade in and out just by using a simple software called shoq.

Atul Pethe mentored the participants on direction.

The mentoring session also had a workshop on voice culture.


Rasa Aur Drama brings you a photo gallery of the workshop below!


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See you at the performance!

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