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Fiction: The Creatures of Vimannagar meet

The Meeting

The wobbly creature began to love his days at his residence. The mornings he spent working on his device and the evenings ruminating the future of their tribe. This kept him in good mood.

He had called for a meeting at his place today at his residence. As the creature filed into his room, he greeted them in a guffaw! “How’s morning fellas! They responded in delight “Capital chief”. The agenda for today’s meet was to discuss any problems any one was facing. The wobbly creature knew that some issues must be creeping up in the new tribe. One of the creatures responded that they seem to feel exposed to too much sunlight in the morning; which affects him throughout the day.

“Why don’t you work at night,” said the wobbly creature. This would reduce exposure to sunlight even though their tribe was invisible. Cosmic particles did affect them a lot.

A pair said that they want to hang around a lot, and didn’t know of spaces to go. The wobbly creature took out a map and pointed to some locations: Kamshet, Lonavla, Khadakwasla, NDA and Pune University. “These locations form the relaxing areas in the city and stretch around and play at leisure. Humans in the city use it for weekend getaways.”

“But, be careful of the liquidly-substance-water. It could be dangerous.” The others in the meeting noted it down. The tired creature asked “If there could be any database resource center.” “Yes, use the library at Pune University. Humans use objects called books to record their experience, memories and more.”

Fascinated with the idea of these new books the tired creature started jotting to do-s for the day in his notebook. “Visit the library, go to every section. Find book.” Nobody seemed to have any questions, so the meeting was called to a close. A huge sway of murmurs was heard by the participants and they started chatting loudly. It was good to be together again!

The wobbly creatures mind went to Gyaan Adab and what had happened there. Was there a similar tribe like theirs on the planet? Could it be a sign for them to be beware. To be beware of many unexpected things.

He went to his study for a bit, and took out his cosmic map. There was no sign of any activity anywhere. It was both strange and unfuddling;a strange silence. He felt it in his pores. Somethings are left and felt alone.

He sat down and began scanning the local topography. He increased the penetration of the device and lo! There was some movement in green and red. They seem to be fluttering around the AUIKKA space. What is happening!

For the first time in the city his trepidation began to rise. He penetrated even more and could make out that these figures had a high degree of radiation. It was distracting and could be harmful to both them and the humans of Planet Earth.

The movement entered AIUKAA and took control. There was the switch on and off of lights. And, the control room seemed to be operational. It was getting quite strange. But, he could but stare and watch!

He walked out of the room and joined the other happy creatures. They were merry making and talking about the upcoming local trees which had Christmas written on them. Having humans around their interest was also increasing in their festivities.

With their devices switched to caution mode, they stayed at their residence. Not knowing what would turn up next. The Earthly night died into silence and oblivion. They remained still until morning.

As they got out, the morning was earthly bright. The night episode was still fresh in their minds and they went out towards the ground. There was a police van parked and some people. The creature with pores ignored it and went ahead. He saw some people playing with a ball: basketball. It excited and made him happy. It reminded him of planet Xenus, where they pushed planetial objects with their devices. It was so much fun.

Chapter 4:

In the middle of the night, there was a piercing scream. The creature with pores looked out and there was a disfigured human body outside his residence.

He grew cautious and raised an alarm in his device, which the others picked up. Other creatures came quickly and surrounded the body.

The body had been pulled from many directions and looked badly mangled. It was an intolerable sight. There was also a pungent smell though the body looked fresh.

It shocked the creature with pores, the tired creatures and one more. What could this mean? Were they being targeted? Or the humans being targeted!

There was a silence they had not experienced till now. While they were still trying to figure out, there was another screeching scream. It came from the playground close by. They floated by and reached the playground. Another body lay mangled. They decided to alarm the nearby police post by making some noise and dropping a blood-stained cloth.

The cop on post followed the droplets and alerted his fellow human in yellow. It was just getting tricky by the moment. The creatures returned to the residence of the tired creature, still trying to fathom the incident.

Another silence prevailed. They decided too keep guard to their residences for the whole night, and alarm other creatures also. It was not turning out to be pleasant stay.

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