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Fiction: The Murder at Gyaan Adab (Part 2)

Human Death at Gyaan Adab

Part 1:

The Murder at Gyaan Adaab

Contd... As the traffic grew louder in the morning, the wobbly creature took out his LED map and began to survey the locations. He had to cover Nukkad Cafe, Gyaan Adab, and Hyatt Hotel. He had heard these names for the first time, but the locations on the planet were organized in squares and rectangles. Intriguing! In Planet Xenus, his house was atop the object Lapis Lazuli, which was also found on planet Earth. Here, everything was close by. The wobbly creature reached Gyaan Adab and swept path the ushers. He found a space inside which was crowded by art. He observed the works on the walls and learned from it. A crowd of people was swaying in and out and he noticed some of their fellow hood (the tired creature) there. There were people also sitting on the lawn outside. It made him happy to see their clan expanding and settling themselves around. But as he was moving around, he saw a tired creature trying to get close to a human physically. It was true they are visible only to a certain light frequency but physical presence could be felt. And their vibes could raise an alarm' and their tribe was still young on the planet. He moved towards the tired creature and asked him to "mind his booty." The tired creature moved aside. Gyaan Adab hosted parties and events which brought humans of the town together. They also liked to sit together for long holding rectangular pieces of objects called "books." It was funny how humans were chatting. Holding a food and exclaiming about all things. He could make it a safe habitat for them to meet once a month, sometimes meeting amidst people is safe. Who would guess that a tribe from Planet Xenus was meeting at the center! Amidst the sound of drinks, he saw some flashes of light from the inside room at the library. He saw a man bury a pellet into another man. The man fell down and there was no noise.The wobbly creature felt he should leave an alarm outside. He took a stool wrote something on it and left it at the gate. People began to notice it and moved inside. There was a shout and a boy was running with water. The body was brought out and rushed to an ambulance. People all around were still not able to catch their senses.The wobbly creature took out his device from the bag and tuned it. The activity showed that there was the presence of another creature like them; but of a different kind. Could the incident be a way to warn their kind?

The Open Corridors of Hyatt Hotel

He could make out that they were not particularly welcome in the city by an unknown clan. He had to lead the tribe around, find fresh grounds. Space is primary to their existence. He found guards stopping vehicles at Hyatt Hotel and pulling them towards the fountain. The wobbly creature entered the lobby and a sprawling drawing space opened. Sofas, coffee bar, and moving stairs. The setting of the hotel impressed him so much. It was like the tired creatures home. He used the escalator to move towards the reception and again some event was going on. The lights in the hall made him delighted. Humans had reached some excellence in their daily lives. Lights were something they used so well. He was wondering how much energy the whole planet consumed. He didn't think it would be close to half of the cosmic energy that his planet created. Planet Xenus also supported other planets in the system; don't think Planet Earth did anything of this kind. The energy field in the hall was very different; his device went ticking and he could make out that there was some common energy texture. Space had a potential for research work. The creature moved towards the gates and towards the next surveying space.

Nukkad Cafe

Why do humans eat so much? Here again, they are occupied by the business. In a few Earth time weeks they could also evolve to such an act; maybe. Lots of people were ordering " Maggi" at the counter. And tea, in the mud like cups (the creature had understood such mannerism by reading a column in the newspaper at the tired creatures home.) He found a small corner and sat down. He felt it an apt space to take out his work. His LED map now out, he put it on the table and ticked off the locations. Three locations surveyed today, all amicable and supportive. The tough task was now to convince the fellow hood." It would be easy, I think," he murmured to himself. Convinced about the days work he returned to his place.

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