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Discover and Develop Actor in you with Natya Junction Theater: Abhinay Yog

Acting Workshop "Abhinay Yog"

This intense workshop is a fresh approach designed by Acharya Lalit Parimoo based on the principles of Abhinay Yog, where the acting skills are combined with yogic techniques resulting in a complete all round training required for an actor as a first step towards performing for theater, television or films.

Workshop Mentor

The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Parimoo and Natya Junction Theatre.

Mr. Lalit Parimoo is a professional actor, working for over twenty years on stage, radio, movies and television. He graduated from Delhi University in the year 1985 with Political Science and since then has been active as an Actor. He has so far appeared in over forty stage plays, three hundred radio plays and more than sixty Television Serials & Films. Although he has the capacity and talent to perform various kinds of characters, which he has done in the past with considerable ease and naturalness, but the main forte where he excels extraordinarily is the characters molded in classical form. Influenced and a believer of the Method School of Acting, he is a serious and disciplined actor and is undoubtedly one of the finest talents available in the country. His work so far has been acclaimed and appreciated highly both by the audience and the media.

He also sincerely believes that let every individual learn the basics of acting , discover the actor within himself, feel like an actor and learn to use this craft as a means of self-development and make his own individual life better. An actor has an impact on the society, particularly the youth, it is the duty of an actor to have an ideal in front of him of an evolved human being, so that he can be a source of inspiration to the masses to lead a life of values and set high moral standards. To know more about this philosophy, you can read his blog at

He has authored a book in Hindi “Main Manushya Hun”.

He can speak and write Hindi, English and Kashmiri and has a fair understanding of Urdu Language.

Mr Parimoo in known for his performances as a major actor and has been highly appreciated for his varied roles in TV Serials like; Maila Anchal, Tumhare Liye, Abhi Nahin, Faasle, Kalakar, Misaal, Lakshya, Gaatha, Shaktimaan, Noorjahan, Tajasvini, Intequam, Sparsh Ek Ahsas, Farz, Intezaar Aur Sahi, Bazaar, Apna Apna Aasmaan, Saaya, Viraat, Kangan, Kora Kaagaz, Apnapan, Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam, Basera, Mulk, Shakalaqa Boom Boom, C.I.D. and many more… He has also done roles in Hindi movies like Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa, Agent Vinod,Haidar, Mubarakaan etc.

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