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Fiction: The Creatures of Vimanagar

The Playground

It’s eight am. And Viman Nagar feels spooky! The shops are closed and the creatures are coming out from their pores. These creatures walk towards the main ground of Viman Nagar and have a daily meet. They are visible only to people with certain “eyes.” Like the night vision goggles helps you see in Infra-red.

Today, in the ground all the creatures are present: The wobbly-creature, the tired-creature, the creature-with pores.

The wobbly creature says “It’s nice to see so many of our fellow hood here. It’s time we know each other a lot better.”

The tired-creature agress “oh! Hell yeah!”

The creature with pores: “I need more visitors home, having a huge house, with little people feels like emptiness.”

The wobbly creature: “You will have it brethren.”

Now, the fellow hood decides the next course of action they want to take, since they are settled in Pune, after coming from the Planet Xenus. There are problems before them: how to increase their clan, take care of their kids, schools and parties. They cannot interact with the local populace of Pune as it can lead to disagreement and fights; keeping in mind the rules that their clan follows.

The wobble creature reaches home, and as the kids are pampering around, he muses on their life in Planet Xenus. There were different vegetation there, more people, no time and gravity. Existence felt such a rote-learning of events. But, they had to leave it as they were increasing feeling a threat due to climate conditions. Their supercomputer: Xeon had predicted that they will be exposed to rays that will destroy only their clan. In order to protect their clan, they had to move away.

The wobbly creature can see the world outside from his balcony, the roads, the human cars, Earth-plants, oxygen-does not mean anything to him.

He sits at the table, brings out his cosmic-device which runs on data from the planet Xenus and calculates the growth of the clan. He finds their present rate of growth can lead them to spread in different parts of the city in two Earth years. But, for that he will have to grow more small communities, schools, playgrounds. And, all the responsibility fell on him.

He begins to make a plan how to conquer the city Pune. His experience back home will help him.

In the house of the creature with pores: He is receiving more visitors. They are glad that the creature with pores has such a posh house with a study, balcony, parking for human cars and a kitchen. They settle on the human-bed and start celebrating.

One of the creatures with pores has learnt to skate-board and so he tries to move around on it. While the others watch him. Accidently, he falls down and they all crack up. The skate boards remind them of their home on Planet Xenus which they had to leave because of climatic danger.

The other creatures with pores start pushing one another in a friendly banter. Giggling-smiling and making un-earthly expressions. As, the day begins to move towards the afternoon, they begin to plan their evening.

They decide to go to a neighbourhood restaurant and try some Earthly-dishees.

As, they file out of the house,they meet again at the restaurant.

They order “momos” as it is friendly and reminds them of their home back. When it absorbed one momo,it felt gooey, smooth, strange-vegetable like. They feel excited and a strange curiosity climbs to them.

In the meanwhile, the wobble-creature has got into the system room of AUIKA in Pune and is trying to study the local environment. He finds out that areas around “Khadki” are open for habitation.

But, something is not right here. He begins to feel a trembling sensation in his cosmic-device. The sensation in a way is trying to feed some data into his device. Sensing trouble, he shuts down the connect with Planet Xenus. But, something is not right.

How is the AUIKA center communicating back to him? Nobody knows they are in the city! At least no human yet!

The wobble-creature tries to understand the meaning of the communication.

He calls his other friend: wobble-like creature and explains to him through his sign language.

The creature looks into the device and feels that it’s a mis- communication.

“It is quite not possible, to have such a backward data communication. We are connected to Planet Xenus only.”

“It is a miscommunication,” he adds.

The wobble creature is not convinced. He studies his device and tries to fathom the meaning.

Ashe is doing so, the door opens and his children come running. He is kind of jolted, and looks at them; it calms him down.

He watched them sit down in the corner and everything appears to be normal.

Looking in the device he finds that, he had actually also sent a communication to Planet Xenus while getting into AIUKA. The sensation had come from Planet Xenus and Not AIUKA.

He quietly, sits down in the chair and heaves a sigh! He gets back into the device and probing of the local supercomputer. He discovers that AIUKA is carrying out research on Earth issues. He is wondering if he can use AIUKA to boost communication with his planet.

It can actually be good for the city too. But this has to be done without anyone being able to trace him.

His children are again quibbling in the corner and he puts his device down and attends to them.

He uses his vision to do a recce of the area and finds that they are safe for the evening. No human has approached near, or close to their house. As a leader of the clan he has to keep an eye for all possible threats and inform the others; as he did back home.

His little ones want to be with him all the time.

“ZEZEZ! ZEZEZ!” They exclaim whenever they miss him. He has to be with them and respond in “ ZE! ZE!”He puts them back again and gets back to the device.

He can discover that the control room in AIUKA is being operated by a human-female. She is balancing a menu on the screen which appears like an environmental testing format.

He can focus and things become clear. They are studying the Earth conditions in the area: the wind velocity and more.

He is in search of more of astronomical devices. As he scans the room, more and more details emerge.

He does not find anything of interest and decides to get out. There is not much he could do today and retires to his room.

Next morning there is a knock on the door, and the tired-creature presents himself. He wants to see the city and was wondering if he could have company.

The wobble creature and the tired-creature scamper out and they go towards a dam with liquid substance called water. They love the space.

“Earth is a different experience altogether. No volcanic winds or steaming dust. It is more on the side of growing planet.”

“Oh yeah!”, says the tired creature.

“Things move, with less velocity here. And, they are more guided. It seems like a sub-standard planet. I hope the planet catches up soon.”

“ It’s a habitat for humans.” be continued

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